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A simple, cutsey and Flirty word Between Like, Luv and Love.

When speaking (especially online) to someone where 'Love' or 'Luv' is still too scary of a word and 'Like' just doesnt quite sum it up, Lub or Lubith is a great alternative.

See also lubith
" I lub you Mary!"

"I Lub the way your eyes look in the moonlight"

"We should go see that movie because I think you would lubith those types of comedies"
by Amanda B May 12, 2005
a cute little word for "love" but much cooler.
girl: I lub you!
guy: awwww thats such a cute word! I lub you too!
girl: yay! lets make out
by theonlydani August 15, 2006
When you are not 'in-love' so you say luv online. Only you want to tell them so badly and as quick as you can, you type 'lub' instead of 'luv'.
Conrad: "Lub u too"
by Ashkyyyk March 13, 2013
When you really like someone and are falling for them but aren't quite to the love stage.
It only took a weekend to fall in lub, next is love.
by Natty4u December 20, 2010
The feeling of affection that is not quite love but a lot more than infatuation.
Hello Cristina Paulo I know you like me I just want you to know that I lub you. Yours truly Robbie
by Raw-b aka real cries March 14, 2013
Slang for Love you baby on computer.
Joe I l-u-b. Hope we're never-evea apart!
by Joe's Girl! November 04, 2004
Standing for "Laughing Uncontrollably, Bro", it is used to replace clichéd abbreviations such as LOL and LMAO and so on. It is only to be used when actually laughing in hysterics in response to an online post, conversation etc.
Gary: "Look at this, dude! *sends link*"
Tom: "No way?! That's hilarious! LUB!"
by sensier September 11, 2011
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