1) A girl's name. Not very common but still used.

2) A slang term to refer to cocaine. The term "Chloe" comes from the fact that cocaine also starts with an "C" and many other drugs use girls' names as slang for their respective drug.

Chloe is sometimes used as a code word for cocaine when referring to the drug in a public setting or over the phone where one does not want to openly discuss illegal activities.

Chloe is used like a person's name in such discussions. Like saying "When Chloe is around I am always happy" to indicate that when cocaine is readily available this person is always in a "happy" or euphoric state.
Chloe just makes me wanna talk and fuck all night!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
A Chloë is not the same thing as a Chloe. Chloë's are sweet but sensitive and feel as if their friends don't listen to them. Chloë's don't usually feel pretty and don't take much care in what they look like. Chloë's are a bit shy at first, but once you get closer with a Chloë you'll discover that they are crazy and love when people take the time to ask "how's it going?"
Why are you reading? You are such a Chloë!
by theawesomedude September 28, 2013
A girl who is absolutely amazing but is really self-conscious.Shes kind, friendly, loving and will always stick by her friends no matter what.If your upset she'll know and try to help you with your problem big or small. Generous, she will give anything to people who need it and always put others first.Shes usually tall with eyes like oceans yeah she has imperfections but who doesn't. Usually quite shy so if she opens up around you know you have her friendship
1-Wow that girl is so nice, whats her name?
2 Dunno, probably. Chloe
by Inked Pen October 22, 2013
The girl I love the most in the world and will never stop loving you. Alex loves you!
"Chloe <3 <3 <3"
by alexloveschloe February 26, 2012
Chloe is a female name, usually Chloe is a brunette with matching dark brown eyes. She is very petite and pretty, however she's very shy and is afraid to show her full emotions to others. If she's angry, you better move out of her way! She has a fierce temper if you bother her when she's in a bad mood! Chloe is lovable, kind-hearted, cute and very enthusiastic! However, at times Chloe can pretend to be happy when she's not. Always ask her if she's okay, and if she says she's okay just keep nagging her to tell what's wrong. She'll appreciate it!
Ethan: Hey, look at that booty walk! She's amazing, what's her name?
Daniel: I'm 100% sure she's a Chloe!
by IWALYDT April 05, 2014
A gorgeous brunette with the most gorgeous brown eyes you will ever fall into. Cute, bubbly but shy at the same time. If she likes you, you are so goddamn lucky because she has high standards, and obviously you fall into her category. Never ignore her, text or real life because she takes things to heart, and will think you hate her. She gets jealous easily and is very sensitive. Usually Cancerians. She acts all quiet and innocent in school, but with friends or out places, she is a WILD girl. You will be very lucky to be her boyfriend, she will be the sweetest to you. Loves the colour baby blue and emerald green. LOVES cats. Favourite foods are Danishes, or any sweet pastries from a bakery. Athletic and petite. Attracted to athletic, funny guys with green/blue eyes. Loves the Fast and Furious series, and is a gamer, she is sure to make the best girlfriend. Wears glasses in class. She sometimes pisses people of by bugging them with questions. Has every guy falling head over heels for her.
Lad 1: Damn, who is that girl?

Lad 2: I don't know, must be a Chloe!
by LemonsandSugar September 14, 2013
A Chloe is a smart, funny, generous girl who is normally blue-eyed and blonde-haired. She is random and fun to be around, a great friend who's always there for you. Though she may not feel special sometimes, she's the most sweet, talented girl you'll ever meet. Chloe is witty, humorous, and sensual yet crazy, and if you have a Chloe in your life you're a very lucky person. Awesome as your bestie, a schoolmate, a girlfriend, someone at a party, or anybody she wants to be!
Guy: Hey, what's the name of that girl who everybody's been wanting to hang out with tonight?
Friend: Man, she's Chloe.

Person: I need a friend to stand by me, someone loyal and funny and smart.
Other person: You need a Chloe.
by ASpasticTurtle December 02, 2012

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