A lady who drinks to much coffee.
"That girl is such a Chloe look at how much coffee she can drink!"
by downthestreetinmy64 September 01, 2012
Will most likely be found inn the bushes with binoculars
Chloe's outside...
by Elleha November 03, 2011
A very rude common white girl who believes she is better than everyone else. Although pretty, a Chloe generally tries too hard TOO look cute. A Chloe thinks everyone is jealous of her and they want to be just like her. Has a huge attitude problem and an annoying, squeaky voice.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that hot chick!?
Guy 2: No! Dude! You don't want her, she's a Chloe.
by itstartswithasmil3 May 16, 2013
Tease to the max. Inviting boys over on a daily basis but never letting them do anything sexual with you. Letting every boy think they have a chance with you then denying them when it gets TOO close to becoming something sexual. Basically, being your own cock block towards all boys.
Girl, stop being such a Chloe and give him some.
by EddieTurtle September 15, 2010
A filthy discusting, soul crushing beast who will take anything you love from you, it usually takes the from of an ugly girl with dark hair, causes mortals to grovel at its feet. It's discus tingly horrifying in every possible way. It can never be loved as it is fowl smelling and absolutely vile it does not wish to be loved since it will break a heart into a thousand pieces. It also never shuts its mouth. It screeches like a dying seal and has the singing voice of a crow with a horrible disease. Stay away from these beasts as they will drag you to hell
That person is exactly like a Chloe
by Lofty1234 December 23, 2013
A Chloe is a person that will do anything to fuck up a relationship just to play with the guys emotions.. She has a fucked up mind and tends to be the biggest hoe in school. She's the worst person to become friends with.
A short, ugly girl that has a bald spot on the side of her head will get you thinking about how is she a human being and why.
Ew don't be such a Chloe

Wow he's a total Chloe
by Miniberry March 03, 2014
A slag. Used to be close with her till she chose boys over me. chloe is a girls name for a slag. Only thing good about her is probably the size of her boobs and that is probably the only reason boys like her tbh.

C- chooses boys over girls whenever she can
H- holla's at every boy that looks at her
L- Looses friends over boys all the time
O- only talks to fit boys not boys that are nice
E- everyone thinks she is a slag
Girl 1- heard about that new chloe?

Girl 2- if she is like the other slaggy chloes we have already i dont wanna know her dirty lil slag.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011

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