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Chloe originates from the latin meaning easy. Most people consider chloe meaning slut or whore. Both of these are correct. All chloe is, is a name for any girl or guy who does not respect his or her body and offers themselves up to there sex partner.
Dude, did you see how crazy that chloe was at the party?

You are such a chloe if you sleep with multiple guys in one night.
by Ohgirl Youknow September 05, 2011
crazy, psycho, violent, lair, backstabber, gay rapist, ragging lesbian, has a UNIBROW, tries to trololo, but trololo nots, tone deaf, converter, carpet muncher, horrible fashion sense, dresses like a lesbian hippie, werido
person 1:"Is that Chloe?"
person 2:" No it's a GIANT UNIBROW!!!!!!!!!!!"
by loverboii1009 July 15, 2011
a girl with huge tits so that kinda makes er a whore just cuz she shows off her tits to other guys to make herself look cool tHe bLondes are DEFINITELY THE WORST
girl :hey look its chloe
guy: o that whore i fucked that bitch last night .
by ext-1 September 17, 2011
A Girl who used to be nice and bubbly but turned sour..
usually she is a wanna be emo, eg; such as the hit youtube sensation chloeée ash. she will dye her hair many colours, and her hair will eventually fall out, and she will look like golloum from lord of the rings, or a frog... A Chloe usually "GRAFTS" on boys 3 times her age! and she thinks every boy wants her. which is not cool... or true, ALSO usually a chloe is a scrawny GOBSHITE.
dude 1: "OMG, you seen chloee on Urbis?"
dude 2: "yeh man, whats with the ginger and blue hair?:s"
dude 1: "i don't know, i heard she got "wasted" and dyed it, but thats probably bullshit..."
by WANNAbeEMO4LIFE August 01, 2011
A term for eating boogers and picking acne off of your face and eating it.
"Did you just see that girl eat her booger?!"
"Yeah it's probably a Chloe!"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
Verb: to pretend to be bisexual in order to appear "scene" or "emo" or to get attention.

Noun: a smelly poser bitch.

Adj.: a foul smell, reminscent of cats and weed. also there's some mold thrown in there.
oh, she's pulling a Chloe

smells like Chloe in that bathroom.

omg, Chloe is a smelly poser bitch.
by The Long Dick Of The Law July 16, 2011
Chloe is a girl with many personalities. She needs alot of attention, and tries to get it as much as she can. She flirts with every guy she can get. She is a very desperate girl not only for boys but friends aswell. Alot of people hate her and the rest thinks she's annoying. She is very ugly. She has a messed up body shape with saggy boobs. She has 2 diffrent personalaties, one online and other in person. Shy offline & on she is very hyper and outgoing. Always looking innocent and pretending nothing happend in reality. She's a big backstabber, never trust those girls.
chloe: I didn't do anything...
girl#1: flirting with my ex and backstabbing me is nothing? Yeah alright.
by Thegirlsyouwannabe June 27, 2011