Will most likely be found inn the bushes with binoculars
Chloe's outside...
by Elleha November 03, 2011
Tease to the max. Inviting boys over on a daily basis but never letting them do anything sexual with you. Letting every boy think they have a chance with you then denying them when it gets TOO close to becoming something sexual. Basically, being your own cock block towards all boys.
Girl, stop being such a Chloe and give him some.
by EddieTurtle September 15, 2010
A slag. Used to be close with her till she chose boys over me. chloe is a girls name for a slag. Only thing good about her is probably the size of her boobs and that is probably the only reason boys like her tbh.

C- chooses boys over girls whenever she can
H- holla's at every boy that looks at her
L- Looses friends over boys all the time
O- only talks to fit boys not boys that are nice
E- everyone thinks she is a slag
Girl 1- heard about that new chloe?

Girl 2- if she is like the other slaggy chloes we have already i dont wanna know her dirty lil slag.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011
Everyones favorite little slut, cow or hyper active person.
Ella: Man, Chloe needs to take her happy pills.
Chloe: MOO.
Harmony: Yep, definately.
by Peach Heart November 28, 2011
A stupid twat who loves to give rusty trombones
"Remember that time you pulled a total Chloe on that stranger in the parking lot?"
by chilbe01 December 08, 2011
A Girl who used to be nice and bubbly but turned sour..
usually she is a wanna be emo, eg; such as the hit youtube sensation chloeée ash. she will dye her hair many colours, and her hair will eventually fall out, and she will look like golloum from lord of the rings, or a frog... A Chloe usually "GRAFTS" on boys 3 times her age! and she thinks every boy wants her. which is not cool... or true, ALSO usually a chloe is a scrawny GOBSHITE.
dude 1: "OMG, you seen chloee on Urbis?"
dude 2: "yeh man, whats with the ginger and blue hair?:s"
dude 1: "i don't know, i heard she got "wasted" and dyed it, but thats probably bullshit..."
by WANNAbeEMO4LIFE August 01, 2011
Verb: to pretend to be bisexual in order to appear "scene" or "emo" or to get attention.

Noun: a smelly poser bitch.

Adj.: a foul smell, reminscent of cats and weed. also there's some mold thrown in there.
oh, she's pulling a Chloe

smells like Chloe in that bathroom.

omg, Chloe is a smelly poser bitch.
by The Long Dick Of The Law July 16, 2011

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