A really tricked out car, that has a visual presence of
Every where you look at it ... its flawless. Eye candy.
LOOK at That car, Wow it is really fixed up BOSS, it's CHERRY......
by Dragin Dave August 22, 2007
1) perfect or 'mint' condition

2) an excellent deal, ideal situation, or 'best of the best' (think 'cherry picked' but in a good way)
"That corvette is cherry."

"She got that cherry corner office in the merger." or "They offered me this cherry job package, but I had to turn it down."
by catpow2 April 11, 2014
The hymen considered as a symbol of virginity.
I love fruit.
by Trent August 10, 2003
Virgin or virginal, brand new
1. That girl's a cherry
2. He's never played poker before - he's a cherry
by Roberta Sparrow October 13, 2004
What you get if you're the first one to get to the pink taco
Man, the cherry on that pink taco was niiice!
by Reza August 11, 2003
see hymen.

1. The thin layer of skin that is usually broken when a girl has her first sexual contact.
Dayum! I broke that biotch's cherry and she bled all over me.
by Whang August 11, 2003
Little fruit
-most commonly red but can be seen in dark blue.
-acid fruit if its not red or dark blue.
I eat a cherry
by Yohann August 11, 2003

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