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1. A military unit which is made up of Paratroopers.
Fort Bragg is the Home of the Airborne.
by Dirty Black Rob September 19, 2005
The one true American fighting man. If a soldier is not man enough to risk his neck as a paratrooper, then he is nothing more than a shit bag half ass pussy leg.
"I was wondering what it would be like to be airborne."
"When I'm finished banging your wife, I'll tell you all about it, Leg."
by Frank Hotdog November 11, 2006
a really good rock band has many good songs such as (too much too young too fast)(stand up for rock and roll)(runnin wild)(speed) and much more
dude 1-airborne is great
dude 2-yep
by big Chad March 06, 2008
What was once useful in combat, but now is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Airborne soldiers are known for their cult-like mentality and they use brainwashing techniques to seduce young impressionable minds.
Paratrooper: "I'm airborne, so I am a badass."

Civilian: "So when was the last time you jumped in combat?"

Paratrooper: "Gee, look at the time. Nice talking to ya."
by artey1981 March 08, 2011
the owning gaming communtiy it doesn't ever lose you will never be put down!
you got owned by airborne
by bob May 06, 2005
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