"Her cherry was still there until I got there"
by onelasttry August 11, 2003
A small red fruit, with a bitter-sweet taste.
Cherries are gross
by bum August 11, 2003
When reffered to in relation to a female human virgin, a hymen, or a symbol of virginity.
He popped her cherry.
by rob August 10, 2003
Refers to something being of good nature; cool.
Bro, this spam is Cherry!
by Michael & Perry December 16, 2006
A word meaning that something is cool. Everything is fine/cool/straight/chill.
Mike: Yo Ryan is it cherry if i crash at your house?
Ryan: Yeah dawg its cherry.
by Dismal February 04, 2006
Cherry meaning the end of a joint of cannabis, or the end of a blunt
Yo man blow the smoke on the cherry.
by Justin March 04, 2005
An illness, symptoms: Talking in a high pitch voice
constant laughinhg
Obsessive behaviour with anything or one science!
CURE! An Alistair twice a day
My doctor tells me i have Cherry i may only last a week!
by Malcolms lover March 30, 2004

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