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the ember in the weed pipe .
omg u fucktard u droped the cherry!!!!
by mack0ut June 15, 2009
7 6
a piece of marajuana that continues to burn, allowing the smoker to no longer use their lighting instrument.
hey fool, pass me dat cherry before it goes out!
by lee nasty April 20, 2009
8 7
A really tricked out car, that has a visual presence of
Every where you look at it ... its flawless. Eye candy.
LOOK at That car, Wow it is really fixed up BOSS, it's CHERRY......
by Dragin Dave August 22, 2007
15 14
cher·ry n.

Any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus, especially P. avium or P. cerasus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having pink or white flowers and small juicy drupes.
The yellow, red, or blackish fruit of any of these plants.
The wood of any of these plants, especially black cherry.
Any of various plants, such as the Barbados cherry or the cornelian cherry, having fruits resembling a cherry.
A moderate or strong red to purplish red.
Vulgar Slang. The hymen considered as a symbol of virginity.

Containing or having the flavor of cherries.
Made of the wood of a cherry tree: a cherry cabinet.
Of a moderate or strong red to purplish red.
To bob at an apple, cherry, etc. to attempt to bite or seize with the mouth an apple, cherry, or other round fruit, while it is swinging from a string or floating in a tug of water.
by <3 Alice August 10, 2003
15 14
1) perfect or 'mint' condition

2) an excellent deal, ideal situation, or 'best of the best' (think 'cherry picked' but in a good way)
"That corvette is cherry."

"She got that cherry corner office in the merger." or "They offered me this cherry job package, but I had to turn it down."
by catpow2 April 11, 2014
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Red Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. Used mainly by Blood gang members, but can be used universally
Blood 1: Aye B, what up wit them new cherries
Blood 2: Copped em for Foot Locker this morning
by TheMainGuyKnown February 16, 2014
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A person of either sex, that has potential to be the love of your life. You know you got dat soul connnnnection.
Milly: Do you see that boy with the brown hat?
Mindy: Ya
Milly: We had a soul connection.
by minlly&mindilly&killy February 11, 2010
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