A person of either sex, that has potential to be the love of your life. You know you got dat soul connnnnection.
Milly: Do you see that boy with the brown hat?
Mindy: Ya
Milly: We had a soul connection.
by minlly&mindilly&killy February 11, 2010
the ember in the weed pipe .
omg u fucktard u droped the cherry!!!!
by mack0ut June 15, 2009

1. a woman's hymen

2. a virgin(regardless of gender)

3. one's virginity

4. an inexperienced person
He's still got his cherry and yet he's more attractive than anybody in his school.
by Light Joker April 10, 2007
a roofie, a drug commonly set in girls drinks for them to pass out. Often found in sketchy bars, sometimes by the bartender.
Just went to the bar ordered 2 drinks for those girls, made sure to get extra cherries in there for them.
by a roofie Ha. Ha. August 19, 2009
a piece of marajuana that continues to burn, allowing the smoker to no longer use their lighting instrument.
hey fool, pass me dat cherry before it goes out!
by lee nasty April 20, 2009
used to describe any form of legal "E" or ecstacy.
"Dude those Cherrys werent that great, I hate the legal stuff."

"Im so blastin from that Cherry you gave me!!!"
by FromYoMa2Me January 27, 2009
Hot ash on the end of a joint or fag.
oww, mate i just dropped the cherry on me
by Holly0 August 27, 2008

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