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Hot ash on the end of a joint or fag.
oww, mate i just dropped the cherry on me
by Holly0 August 27, 2008
9 9
(Adjective) 1.) new, mint, untouched or unused condition. 2.) a woman's hymen and/or virginity.
1.) Howard keeps his comic collection cherry in a custom made display case.
2.) Amelia is such a prude that we're taking bets she won't ever pop her cherry.
by MJ Offen May 10, 2007
13 13

1. a woman's hymen

2. a virgin(regardless of gender)

3. one's virginity

4. an inexperienced person
He's still got his cherry and yet he's more attractive than anybody in his school.
by Light Joker April 10, 2007
26 26
Most commonly used when a bowl of marijuana has been lit in a pipe, and stays lit for an extended period of time.
"You dont need to light it again man, that shit's cherry."
by Coleh moleh August 01, 2006
12 12
-An unbroken hymen.

-A burning amber.

-A fruit.
I didn't marry the whore because her cherry was popped, call me old fashioned.
by daOldTimer April 06, 2010
4 5
used to describe any form of legal "E" or ecstacy.
"Dude those Cherrys werent that great, I hate the legal stuff."

"Im so blastin from that Cherry you gave me!!!"
by FromYoMa2Me January 27, 2009
2 3
Virginity. Like a balloon, in that it only takes one prick and it's gone.
I popped her cherry! Hard!
by Ian Chode August 12, 2003
32 34