The hymen (thin skin stretched over the entrance to the vagina), said to be "popped" (torn/broken to allow penetration) when a girl loses her virginity.
The first time was pretty good, although I bled a little when he popped my cherry.
by Jacob August 11, 2003
When reffered to in relation to a female human virgin, a hymen, or a symbol of virginity.
He popped her cherry.
by rob August 10, 2003
Refers to something being of good nature; cool.
Bro, this spam is Cherry!
by Michael & Perry December 16, 2006
A word meaning that something is cool. Everything is fine/cool/straight/chill.
Mike: Yo Ryan is it cherry if i crash at your house?
Ryan: Yeah dawg its cherry.
by Dismal February 04, 2006
Cherry meaning the end of a joint of cannabis, or the end of a blunt
Yo man blow the smoke on the cherry.
by Justin March 04, 2005
An illness, symptoms: Talking in a high pitch voice
constant laughinhg
Obsessive behaviour with anything or one science!
CURE! An Alistair twice a day
My doctor tells me i have Cherry i may only last a week!
by Malcolms lover March 30, 2004
1) A small red fruit with a stone in the middle. Grows on trees.
2)Your virginity.
1) "Hummmmm, this cherry is sweet and tasty"
2) "I got this slut pissed and lost my cherry"
by Dave August 11, 2003
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