An illness, symptoms: Talking in a high pitch voice
constant laughinhg
Obsessive behaviour with anything or one science!
CURE! An Alistair twice a day
My doctor tells me i have Cherry i may only last a week!
by Malcolms lover March 30, 2004
The hymen (thin skin stretched over the entrance to the vagina), said to be "popped" (torn/broken to allow penetration) when a girl loses her virginity.
The first time was pretty good, although I bled a little when he popped my cherry.
by Jacob August 11, 2003
1) A small red fruit with a stone in the middle. Grows on trees.
2)Your virginity.
1) "Hummmmm, this cherry is sweet and tasty"
2) "I got this slut pissed and lost my cherry"
by Dave August 11, 2003
the essence of all mans desires; a virgin. a womans hymen.
on my first date with bertha, i popped her cherry...

she began bleeding once i had her cherry
by host August 11, 2003
A virgin, or one with little experience.
That prom date was wild! Turns out she had never done it! She was a cherry!
by Pooky August 10, 2003
1. A female's hymen.
2. Virginity.
I spent the night at your house and popped your sister's cherry.

Your brother still hasn't popped his cherry and he is 25. What a loser.
by nitraine August 12, 2003
one's virginity.
Man 1: Yo Dawg, did you close the deal wit dat girl last nite?
Man 2: Fo shizzle my nizzle, the cherry was popped!
Man 1: You mean the girl was a virgin? Dat of the hizzle my bizzle!
by conjunction August 12, 2003

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