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Massive erection forming.
Boner Alert! I've just seen her pokey nipples.
by littlemissperky February 20, 2008
Pert and pokey nipples that stand proud like cherries.
Did you see those cherries poking wild through her t shirt? She nearly took my eyes out.
by littlemissperky April 29, 2008
Something about a woman that gives you an instant boner alert. It could be a fabulous peachy arse or a pair of pert and pokey nipples. A bonerlicious feeling that leaves you throbbing with a prime boner.
Her tight peachy buns are bonerlicious.
by littlemissperky April 29, 2008
Cherry-like firm nipples under intense arousal.
Her pokey nipples stood out like a couple of cherries in the cool breeze.
by littlemissperky February 22, 2008
Aroused and pokey nipples showing through tight clothing.
"Oooh look here comes Little Miss Perky the peanut smuggler".
by littlemissperky May 14, 2008
A quality and memorable erection brought on by the ultimate tease. Might lead to the utterance of boner alert.
When she hinted that there was nothing underneath her dress, I knew I was in for a prime boner.
by littlemissperky March 19, 2008
Stimulate Multiple Orgasms. The art, perfected by few, of stimulating a woman into multiple orgasms.
Wow he really knows how to press my buttons. He SMOs like the rushing waves of the crashing sea.
by littlemissperky March 05, 2008

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