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Originated in the mid-late 90's by 'big jim' of Huntingdon, PA., the use of the term Cherry has spread like wildfire across central and western Pennsylvania.

Alternate Pronunciation: Churrrry.

A word for any occasion, Cherry can be used to suit almost any emotion. It is best accentuated by the adjective fucking.
"Dude, did you see that cherry escort with the huge gay wing and chuka hanging off the back?"

B- "I was banging this chick in the ass and I got one whiff of shit and I was out of there"
M- "that's fucking cherry"

"That stripper just showed J her snapper for 7 bucks, check it out"
"fucckking cherry" (in this case, pronounced churrrry)
by watters September 27, 2010
15 7
US Army slang common during the Vietnam War, although possibly originating much earlier than this. It means a soldier who is a combat virgin who has not been 'blooded' and, therefore, one whose behaviour in combat is unpredictable. The arrival of a new soldier as a replacement in an established unit was always difficult, hence the referral to such an arrival as FNG (Fucking New Guy). Where this soldier had not seen combat the difficulty was compounded and the established troops viewed them with suspicion as an unknown quantity.
We just got a load of replacements for the guys evaced out last week, no lifers all FNG cherries.
by Croatalin April 27, 2014
5 0
A last name that makes all other last names jealous. Has the benefit of attracting females, hoping that they can become a Cherry.

Those who are not Cherries and use any kind of Cherry decoration are demonstrating their jealousy, longing, and yearning.
Babe: You're a Cherry? Really?
Cherry: Do you like that?
by cherryTJ April 23, 2011
6 1
Cherry is a fruit. but it is also a rare name for girls. People with the name Cherry are usually lovable people. C:
Cherry is my best friend.
by thee devilish angel July 09, 2009
13 8
ok, awesome, great, fantastic, very good etc.....
Greg asks Tony ... How are you doing today? Tony answers ... Cherry, Dude
(I am doing very good or great .... I'm cherry)
by Janie S. August 13, 2008
12 7
Very Impressive.
"That new white convertible is totally cherry."; "Did you hear that song? it's so cherry!"
by Le-Baron August 22, 2011
5 1
A tasty red berry, originally from Japan.
I've bought some cherries.
by Rafael August 11, 2003
15 11