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A hot lesbian, New Yorker, cowboi that may or may not be related to Kinky Friedman.
Damn. That chick in the third row at the Dolly Parton show was totally Mindy!
by Softnbutch July 18, 2008
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A term used to describe a set of nice breast's on a female
Hey Tony check out the Mindies on that bird!
by Nicky Gino May 18, 2006
Mindy is a female name from Greek origin that means dark beauty
That girl is so Mindy!
by namegame February 01, 2010
Mindy is used for many daughters names, for it is only used for the most sweetest of female children. Being worthy of such a name, is the only to obtain it. Like a rich treasure that one is rewarded with after doing an honorable act.

Mindy's can be seen in the dark corners, standing and watching observing their surrounding. Though they act as they do not care they are very well aware of what is going on, always on their guard to strike the danger that is awaiting everyone.
girl #1: do you see that Mindy standing over?

girl #2: Yes but I also see that fight about to start.

girl #1: We better get out of the way, When Mindy's gets ready to bolt for them, we don't want to be in her way!

girl #2: I know what you mean those Mindy's can really take them down.

gilr #1: That explains why she is so worthy of the name Mindy.
by purpletou February 03, 2010
paradoxal; contrary to common sense, yet is perhaps true. A woman that is an enigma. Hard to figure but worth the effort
I never know what she is thinking..The woman is a Mindy to me
by shaun27 April 18, 2008
1.) "Mindy" meaning "short" or "Vertically challenged."
Commonly known as "fun sized."
2.)Mindy also means "Easily amused."
Did you see how Mindy she was? She doesn't even have to get on her knees.
by MintyFreshMC January 29, 2009
Used to replace the you in 'i love you' but it can also mean the whole phrase,so instead of saying 'i love you' say mindy. Also used to say 'i luv you to'
woman:aww mindy.
they kiss
by child-prodigy August 06, 2007

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