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Its not a color. It is a fruit
Temple U students: "T for Temple U. U for Temple T! Fight fight fight for the cherry and the white."
World: "Wrong. Cherry's not a color. Cherry is a fruit."
by D14forlife January 27, 2013
A word used to describe a person of either sex who is sexually innocent or shy. May or may not be used in conjunction with cherry as a term for virginity.
Girl #1: And he didn't make a move on you? He's not a virgin is he?

Girl #2: He's not, but he's so shy, such a cherry.
by savinbalix May 19, 2006
untouched, brand new, like a virgin.
Dude i heard shes cherry, shes real into religion. or
This bike is cherry, its only been rode a couple times.
by djk August 12, 2003
A tasty red berry, originally from Japan.
I've bought some cherries.
by Rafael August 11, 2003
1. A small, round, juicy, red fruit with a brown stem.

2. A representation of a female's hymen; their virginity.
1. I picked a fresh cherry off the tree and gleefully pulled it from its stem, using my teeth.

2. After fifteen years of abstinence, Liz finally let someone pop her cherry.
by Dark One August 10, 2003
Red Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. Used mainly by Blood gang members, but can be used universally
Blood 1: Aye B, what up wit them new cherries
Blood 2: Copped em for Foot Locker this morning
by TheMainGuyKnown February 16, 2014
One that has yet to engage and destroy ythe enemy in combat
That freakin cherry hasnt done shit. he hasnt even Fired his weapon in combat.

Fucking Cherry!
by whiskeyrock August 22, 2010