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a class in which students start off the year with high hopes and it eventaully turns into a class full of crying over acheivers with damaged GPAs and emotional scars
Mark decided to take AP history but was sent to his school therapist after he realized his GPA dropped a full point.
by john moon June 26, 2006
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1. Advanced Placement. College level courses in high school and/or college level tests that measures knowledge in a subject
2. Associated Press (Journalism)
3. Anti-Personnel
4. Armor Piercing
5. Asian Pride..
1. I scored a perfect 5 on my AP test!
2. Urban Times (AP) - Kids pass Ebonics test with flying colors.
3. Ruins an infantryman's day
4. Ditto
5. No comment
by twenty5 July 13, 2004
Abbreviation for "Advanced Placement," referring to a college-level course in the USA with a standardized test at the end to evaluate how much was learned and offer college credit. Many students in these courses are overachievers who take them to attend competitive colleges, while a few want college credit and no more.
Bobby will faint after taking 8 AP courses his junior year as he tries to get into every Ivy League school.
by yupyupyup June 16, 2005
Stands for Advanced Placement, but should stand for Anal Penetration since that's what it feels like....
Bob took an AP class and by the end the class had raped him so badly he was scared of sex.
by jimbob6903 April 18, 2011
Advanced Procrastination.
So David, did you study for the AP Chem test that was mentioned to us 3 weeks ago?

Nah, I was too busy playing video games. I'll study during lunch.
by NARPAS SWORD March 12, 2010
n. Toilet tissue/paper. 'Anal Paper' or 'Ass paper', it is unclear now where this acronym originally derived from. However it is an alternative to 'T.P.' which was an acronym for toilet paper.
"Don't forget to pick up some A.P. from the shop"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
(Galway/Oranmore slang, Ireland)

A state of high intoxication. Severely drunk. Originally Absolutely Mouldy or AP-solutely Mouldy, then shortened to simply AP!
Howya get on last nit man?
Oh man, I actually don't remember a thing! I was fuckin' AP!
by Smalley-Mo August 07, 2010
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