used in US Army as a derogatory term for paratroopers who just finished the jump school and never jumped in Division. normaly there is some unofficial ritual that exists within the unit, that is carried out during the paratrooper's first Division Jump, like having a cherry pie in your rucksack or being the only person to jump on the pass.
In 82 Airborne your cherry jump will be without parachute.
by ubermoose April 22, 2006
Slang term for a hymen.
Used mostly in mens magazines in the fantasy sections.
I didnt get the cherry but I got the box it came in.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
1.) n- A sweet/sour red fruit that grows on a stem.
2.) adj- A color relating to the color of a cherry or cherry wood
3.) n- Slang for a hymen, which is the thin stretched covering over the vagina that is broken or "popped" when penetration takes place.
1.) I love cherries. Especially marishino kind.
2.) Cherry red lipstick looks good on me as I walk on my cherry wood floor.
3.) He popped her cherry.
by MikoShinigami November 16, 2003
Virgin. Originates from the practice of putting a cherry on nonalcoholic drinks to mark them as "virgin".
"I took her cherry."
by phrog March 17, 2009
the thin peice of skin covering the vaginal opening.
also known as a hymen.
hymens can be broken in many different ways, not just sexual intercourse. examples include, heavy athletics, the use of tampons, fingering, or streaching of the pelvic area.
some girls are not even born with a cherry.
idiot: "dude i fucked that girl over there and she didnt bleed when i popped her cherry. she said she was virgin though."
not such an idiot: "she mite use tampons..."
idiot: "oooohh"
by haley caymen November 23, 2007
When a pipe/bowl/bong/blunt/joint/cigar/cigarette is still lit so you dont have to lite it again.
Pot head: Do you want this liter?
Stoner: No the bowl is still cherried.
by sammy sam sam August 10, 2003
Originated in the mid-late 90's by 'big jim' of Huntingdon, PA., the use of the term Cherry has spread like wildfire across central and western Pennsylvania.

Alternate Pronunciation: Churrrry.

A word for any occasion, Cherry can be used to suit almost any emotion. It is best accentuated by the adjective fucking.
"Dude, did you see that cherry escort with the huge gay wing and chuka hanging off the back?"

B- "I was banging this chick in the ass and I got one whiff of shit and I was out of there"
M- "that's fucking cherry"

"That stripper just showed J her snapper for 7 bucks, check it out"
"fucckking cherry" (in this case, pronounced churrrry)
by watters September 27, 2010

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