When a female virgin first has vaginal intercourse, or some object is inserted into the vagina, causing the hymen to rupture, resulting in bleeding. The term "cherry" is used to refer to the red of the resulting blood. However, not all women are born with a hymen, and certain hard physical activities may cause the hymen to tear. Though no surgery can restore virginity (i.e. you can't 'un-have' sex) there is a procedure to restore the hymen to its original state.
Suitor number 1: "Bitch Ima pop your cherry!"
Lady in waiting: "Aight u kan kuz imma virgin!!!"
by aprilb223 July 15, 2009
To have sex with a virgin, causing said virgin to lose their virginity. Can often cause an unusual amount of bitchiness in said ex-virgin.
Elizabeth: Damn! You came in my pussy and now I'm pregnant, you bastard!"

Me: Damn! If I knew you'd be such a fucking bitch after I fucked you, I wouldn't have wanted to pop your cherry!

Both: Damn it!
by George Woodard August 07, 2006
to get fucked or get finger/fisted soo hard ur pussy bleeds
wow i just popped her cherry "crys in the background"
"why the fuck wont u pop your cherry
by danny mac December 21, 2007
when a guy wants to get a girl embarrased by telling you that he wants to fuck you
Alec(the man whore): i wanna pop your cherry!
Montana: me too!
Alex: don't forget about me!!

you know what? just shut up!
by none February 14, 2005
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