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Chelsea, the name of a mutt. She loves to eat beans that are green but only from a can. Chelsea is a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets. She is beautiful and can charm anything in sight. She is just so perfect from toe to head, but hard to get. She shines bright like a diamond, her hips don't lie, and she loves it when you call her big poppa.!
Ben: Chelsea I really like you and i wanna be more than friends
Chelsea: omg me too!
Ben: Really!? (with a big smile on his face)
Chelsea: Yea! lets be best friends.!
by Victor_Bacon November 09, 2013
The most badass bitch you'll ever come in contact with! She's very loud and very proud.
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, mess with her, she's not afraid to kick some ass.
Chelsea has the most beautiful blue eyes you can get lost in, her hair is soft like a bunny, her personality is epicly awesome, and she's a cute short girl who loves a tall guy.
Often referred to as "Mama Bird" or "Big Booty Judy" Chelsea is loved by most and feared by all!
She is also the best girlfriend any guy could ever dream of, she does everything she possibly can for her man, and she doesn't mind!
A spunky, attractive, funny, street-smart, Ginger who knows how to talk her way out of anything and get what she wants by manipulating those she needs to in order to get what she wants. Chelsea is typically a warm-hearted lady who will help everyone she can in anyway she can. She is a great listener and the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
She treats her friends like family, especially her younger friends, she tends to "adopt" the younger kiddos as her own kids.
All in all, Chelsea is one of the best people to have in your life. Once you have her, NEVER let her go, EVER.
guy 1: "hey have you met chelsea yet?"
guy 2: "no not yet. why?"
guy 1: "you have to meet her! you'll fall in love!"
by toastyladyyy September 26, 2013
Chelsea is defined as one slutty individual who only realizes that she can use her vagina when she reaches the age of 18, but for some reason she never enjoys any of the finger, tongue, or dick that comes in contact to her vagina. After swapping saliva with someone one week she enjoys hopping to the next boy that will give her attention, but soon becomes bored with his "terrible" use of tongue, so then finds another boy in which she says "I wanna fuck you...give me a week and we'll do it" The best part is that she loves to lie about her adventures in bed because she feels that she will be judged by those who listen to her stories.
Boy #1 - Dude..so I just got done fucking Chelsea.
Boy #2 - Uhh..what? Chelsea told me she wanted to fuck....
Boy #1 - Really..? She told me the same thing last week.
by Tiny Tomcat Timmy July 27, 2011
The most amazing blue shades water can have. The color of the waters in places like Cancun. The color you wish your eyes were.
Yeah the waters were beautiful. They were a gorgeous shade of Chel-sea!
by Cheora October 04, 2010
The equivalent of Satan, all these other definitions are full of shit. The Chelseas that come from Scotland are pure evil, Although at time she can seem nice they will always back stab you, spread rumors about you in skype calls, and call you a "fucking idiot" in robloxs
Ernest: Is Chelsea talking shit again about me?
Derrick: When is she not, i swear she is satan.
by drich1996 August 18, 2014
a fun person who is successful and brings a smile to every encounter..
Why can't you be a Chelsea? You are always so glum.
by jonathanpk March 28, 2014
An awesome friend that is super understanding. Not selfish, and likes to kick people's butts. She also plays soccer and basketball. Randomly likes to sing out of the blue which creates an awkward silence. Oh, and she kicks butt. Did I mention she kicks butt?
Man, that Chelsea really taught him a lesson. He'll never mess with her again!
by TaytayandBONITA February 02, 2014