The most amazing blue shades water can have. The color of the waters in places like Cancun. The color you wish your eyes were.
Yeah the waters were beautiful. They were a gorgeous shade of Chel-sea!
by Cheora October 04, 2010
A comon female name, can be described in numerous ways:
- An awesome personality
- a person who friends who are car whores :)
- loves Forest Gump
- has a long line of male followers ( common male follower names : Alex, Curtis, Ryan, Chesley, Justin, Zack and more)
- drives an awesome car
- drives savagely shaking her fist at everyone
- loves random things
- loves drinking from crazy cups
- Believes there is a she wolf in your closet and will stop at nothing to release her!
- stuffs peoples faces with doretos
- loves her friends

- LOVES singing Very loud in her car
- eats massive amounts of poutine and pizza dip
- someone who likes to drive 80 in a 30 zone
- excessively drinks whiskey
- save your friends from common creepers locking them in cars
Anneika: hey look at all those guys going up to that house
Sarah: yea thats Chelsea's house!

Jimmy : alriteeee, I totally just watched Forest Gump, it blew my mind!
Josh: yea I know, Chelsea told me to watch it to!
by Annni November 11, 2009
No words can really describe her. She's nice, warm hearted, fun, funny. With her shiny black hair, and her great smile, she's better than any cheerleader could ever be. She's usually quiet, but if she has something to say, she will most likely say it, and when she does, everyone is shocked. She only talks to a few people, friends and family mostly, but that's ok because she can sit there and talk for ages.

She's just someone personally made by God to be sent down to earth and make people happy and feel special.
Guy: Have you met Chelsea yet? She's the sweetest, kindest and most funny person you could ever meet.
Guy 2: no, introduce me to her please?
Guy 2: woah, she's amazing, I think I love her.
Guy: who couldn't?
by Garfeildlovesfood March 14, 2015
Chelsea is the name of a bizarre and beautiful girl. She is usually very book smart and likes to keep her grades up. Everybody that meets her thinks she's a nice, kind girl who is shy and cares for others... Little do they know. When Chelsea is with her best friends (usually 2 of them) she is wild. She is the life of the party who can get into a deep conversation about space but can also make everybody roll on the ground laughing. She usually like nature and loves the peacefulness of water. She is ready to travel the world and see everything. (She's also ready to travel Mars,Jupiter, and all the stars in the sky)
Keenan: wow who is that I can not stop staring at that beauty
Chloe: but baby don't you love me?
Keenan: you know what? I'm not into common white girls. I need someone different. I need a chelsea.
by Mythicalmermaid January 25, 2015
An awesome friend that is super understanding. Not selfish, and likes to kick people's butts. She also plays soccer and basketball. Randomly likes to sing out of the blue which creates an awkward silence. Oh, and she kicks butt. Did I mention she kicks butt?
Man, that Chelsea really taught him a lesson. He'll never mess with her again!
by TaytayandBONITA February 02, 2014
Usually amazing people, very beautiful attractive sexy and cute. Their personality is the best out of like everyone, they are funny, kind, and truthful. They go well with Zac's
Out of all the people in the world, Chelsea's are usually most liked. sometimes they have a hard time, but they always have someone to fall back on ( preferably Zac's)
Zac: Chelsea, you're beautiful, i love you
Chelsea: Awh, i love you too
by chelseasflirtbuddy April 17, 2013
One shot of Bacardi Rum chased by a swig of Red Bull, similar to a Jager Bomb.
Look at that chesbian taking Chelsea's and get ham-boned!
by novoprincess April 08, 2013

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