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A more commonly female name given to girls that are beautiful inside and out. Chelsea's make great loyal and trustworthy friends. You don't choose a Chelsea she chooses you. As women Chelsea's are fantastic in bed, the best you will ever have. She is sexy and witty and her bedroom eyes are to die for. She is very passionate but she's also very sweet, but don't mistake her for a prude she is a complete vixen when it comes to sex. She's willing to give you a fantasy you only see in well you know ;) all in all Chelsea's are by far the sexiest women in the world and if you happen to catch a Chelsea's heart don't let her go or it will be a mistake you won't ever get over!
Chelsea is the sexiest woman you'll ever meet.
by trixie28 October 13, 2013
One shot of Bacardi Rum chased by a swig of Red Bull, similar to a Jager Bomb.
Look at that chesbian taking Chelsea's and get ham-boned!
by novoprincess April 08, 2013
Chelsea is defined as one slutty individual who only realizes that she can use her vagina when she reaches the age of 18, but for some reason she never enjoys any of the finger, tongue, or dick that comes in contact to her vagina. After swapping saliva with someone one week she enjoys hopping to the next boy that will give her attention, but soon becomes bored with his "terrible" use of tongue, so then finds another boy in which she says "I wanna fuck you...give me a week and we'll do it" The best part is that she loves to lie about her adventures in bed because she feels that she will be judged by those who listen to her stories.
Boy #1 - Dude..so I just got done fucking Chelsea.
Boy #2 - Uhh..what? Chelsea told me she wanted to fuck....
Boy #1 - Really..? She told me the same thing last week.
by Tiny Tomcat Timmy July 27, 2011
Chelseas are awesome girls who are hard to not fall in love with. They have big blue eyes, shiny dark blond hair, and ivory skin - which is ironic because they usually reside in sunny southwestern America. They don't care too much about what they look like, but always look beautiful. Despite being very cunning and intelligent creatures, Chelseas have the tendency of being clumsy with words and actions. They will trip over nothing, run into walls, and unintentionally say the most hilarious things. Always resilient, they can endure an ungodly amount of partying for their small stature. They can even intake over 6000 calories a day without gaining a pound. Very loving, humble, and loyal creatures, they tend to be huge cuddle bugs and passionate lovers. Chelseas are the most judgmental people in the world, but have the biggest hearts and only use their (always correct) judgments against people who truly deserve it.
guy 1: Who's that little blond in the GG shirt that just tripped over her own feet in the hallway?

guy 2: That's a Chelsea.
by ImissYouriseabove December 06, 2010
A comon female name, can be described in numerous ways:
- An awesome personality
- a person who friends who are car whores :)
- loves Forest Gump
- has a long line of male followers ( common male follower names : Alex, Curtis, Ryan, Chesley, Justin, Zack and more)
- drives an awesome car
- drives savagely shaking her fist at everyone
- loves random things
- loves drinking from crazy cups
- Believes there is a she wolf in your closet and will stop at nothing to release her!
- stuffs peoples faces with doretos
- loves her friends

- LOVES singing Very loud in her car
- eats massive amounts of poutine and pizza dip
- someone who likes to drive 80 in a 30 zone
- excessively drinks whiskey
- save your friends from common creepers locking them in cars
Anneika: hey look at all those guys going up to that house
Sarah: yea thats Chelsea's house!

Jimmy : alriteeee, I totally just watched Forest Gump, it blew my mind!
Josh: yea I know, Chelsea told me to watch it to!
by Annni November 11, 2009
Leader of Grendle the troll
Chelsea has a troll fetish, posts pictures on instagram @grendlethettroll
by TrollsGoneWild November 15, 2013
Usually amazing people, very beautiful attractive sexy and cute. Their personality is the best out of like everyone, they are funny, kind, and truthful. They go well with Zac's
Out of all the people in the world, Chelsea's are usually most liked. sometimes they have a hard time, but they always have someone to fall back on ( preferably Zac's)
Zac: Chelsea, you're beautiful, i love you
Chelsea: Awh, i love you too
by chelseasflirtbuddy April 17, 2013