The most amazing blue shades water can have. The color of the waters in places like Cancun. The color you wish your eyes were.
Yeah the waters were beautiful. They were a gorgeous shade of Chel-sea!
by Cheora October 04, 2010
Chelseas are either starving or not hungry at all, theres no in-between... but if she's hungry you better watch out because she gets hostile with eveything in her path. Chelseas are stubborn & once they set their mind to doing something nobody can change it. Before entering the bedroom of a Chelsea always knock bc shes either half clothed or naked. Chelseas have a fiery wild attitude and are quite weird in a good way. Chelsea have no trouble making the room laugh and are often the jokester of the familly. Chelseas are incredibly lazy creatures and HUGE procrasinators. Chelseas love to hang out with friends & have a good time. The prefered drink of a Chelseas is vodka. If you ask a chelsea what she wants to drink with supper dont be surprised if she mumbles "morr vodka plss". Chelseas are tall and thin with long hair & a stunning smile. Chelseas are the type of person who stand up for the underdog & hates to see people treated badly. Chelseas are extreamly nice unless they have a solid reason to not like you... in which case they will treat you like dirt. Chelseas hold grudges and find it extreamly difficult to forgive. Chelseas have no fear in telling you how it is. They prefer cats over dogs, chocolate over chips, and favorite colors are blue and green. Chelseas take no shit from anybody. Their go to outfits are lulu pants, an oversized shirt and good boots. Chelseas are night owls and day dreaders.
by urbanohbehave March 28, 2015
The absolute perfect girl, she's beautiful, kind, intelligent and ambitious, you can't go wrong with chelsea
Boy: Chelsea, go out with me plz.
Chlesea: Of course, I luv u
by Anonymous brms March 02, 2015
A girl / woman with huge bountiful bouncing breasts. Kind heart behind the breasts and always worth a few laughs when you hangout with one.
Damn Chelsea you have huge knockers.
by loverandfighter69 September 15, 2014
Leader of Grendle the troll
Chelsea has a troll fetish, posts pictures on instagram @grendlethettroll
by TrollsGoneWild November 15, 2013
You can't cage a Chelsea. She needs a wide area to roam. The zoo animals are safe because a Chelsea prefers to hunt wild woodland creatures and feast on their souls. A Chelsea can also be kept quite happy and allow you to live if you bring them offerings of Sushi.

This is a Chelsea and no Zoo has the facilities to house one.
Friend #1 “Oh dear. What meat did you come back with? I thought we told you last time, no hunting at the zoo.”

Friend #2 “I am going to check the news to make sure there are still prairie dogs at the zoo. If not, you're in so much trouble. I told you once, prairie dog jerky is no good!”

Chelsea “its not the prairie dogs you should be worried about *lick lips with hungry grin”
by Pogo Pogo June 06, 2011
A girl who wants to make me cry, and will soon rule the world. No one is safe. She is amazing, and there are not enough words invented to describe how incredible she is :D
"Chelsea will enslave us all, she is too amazing for us"
by Great Britton March 16, 2015

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