A comon female name, can be described in numerous ways:
- An awesome personality
- a person who friends who are car whores :)
- loves Forest Gump
- has a long line of male followers ( common male follower names : Alex, Curtis, Ryan, Chesley, Justin, Zack and more)
- drives an awesome car
- drives savagely shaking her fist at everyone
- loves random things
- loves drinking from crazy cups
- Believes there is a she wolf in your closet and will stop at nothing to release her!
- stuffs peoples faces with doretos
- loves her friends

- LOVES singing Very loud in her car
- eats massive amounts of poutine and pizza dip
- someone who likes to drive 80 in a 30 zone
- excessively drinks whiskey
- save your friends from common creepers locking them in cars
Anneika: hey look at all those guys going up to that house
Sarah: yea thats Chelsea's house!

Jimmy : alriteeee, I totally just watched Forest Gump, it blew my mind!
Josh: yea I know, Chelsea told me to watch it to!
by Annni November 11, 2009
a fun person who is successful and brings a smile to every encounter..
Why can't you be a Chelsea? You are always so glum.
by jonathanpk March 28, 2014
Chelsea is the most beautiful human being that ever existed and is loved by the one and only dening, she has beautiful perfect hair and a nice perfect looking body. She is the best friend you would want to have and you could trust her no matter what (expecially if your name is Samantha).
by it'smeurlookingfor March 27, 2016
Loyal friends with a lot of patience. Once she's decided to be your friend, she'll be your friend even when you get a bit obnoxious. She'll cheer you up when you're sad and will partayyyy with you when you're happy. Looks great naturally everyday, almost effortlessly. However, when she does try, she's stunning! Like the kind of good where your friends talk about how she looks nice even when she's not there. She does have a dark side, though. Don't get on her bad side, or you'll probably regret it. Fast. She's generally happy and works hard, and she balances her school life well without neglecting those close to her.
How does Chelsea get sleep, friends, AND good grades?
by Sanen October 30, 2015
The most AMAZING people ever, delicious and full of love and sometimes shit. They don't ask a lot they only want to have friends, and yet some still get treated like shit so don't treat my Chelsea like shit or I will hunt you down:)
Damn Chelsea is looking sexy and damn that booty is amazing!
by chelsearedenius May 21, 2015
The absolute perfect girl, she's beautiful, kind, intelligent and ambitious, you can't go wrong with chelsea
Boy: Chelsea, go out with me plz.
Chlesea: Of course, I luv u
by Anonymous brms March 02, 2015
A girl who wants to make me cry, and will soon rule the world. No one is safe. She is amazing, and there are not enough words invented to describe how incredible she is :D
"Chelsea will enslave us all, she is too amazing for us"
by Great Britton March 16, 2015
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