Quiet lady at first. has beautiful eyes that are stunning. however, Chelsea's can be a bitch if you make them mad. They can make you regret it. Chelsea's are good friends and believe in nobody being alone. Friend a Chelsea today. Just don't make her mad, then you'll regret it.
Hey your eyes are beautiful you must be Chelsea!
by JustTheTruth22 January 11, 2013
A truly unique girl. Beautiful. Has an great personality. Funny. Caring and Loyaly. Can make anyone fall in love with her easily. Tends to do things she doesn't mean too. Puts other people before her, and prefers other peoples happiness then her selves. Loves to bite things. Always knows the top gossip. Has to have someone with her to feel safe. Doesn't give up easily, fights until she gets what she wants. Sometimes cares too much about people. You couldn't live without her.
Chelsea is an amazing person that you need in your life.
by downtoearth.x May 30, 2011
One amazing chicky. Weird ass, hilarious conversations are pretty much her thing. You could bring up any topic, and she could go on about it forever if she wanted to. Impossible to hate, and has tonnes of friends. Gorgeous girl who I am absolutely jealous of!
Person: That girl over there is laughing her ass off!

Other Person: She must have been talking to a Chelsea.
by imnotverycreative April 15, 2011
Everything a man would want in a woman! She's perfect in every way and is the most beautiful woman to ever exist in the history of history! Her kisses would lighten the darkest day and her smile would turn night into day. She is a heaven sent savior! And she smells nice.
You want the perfect girl? Well you can't, Chelsea's mine.
Chelsea is the synonym for perfect.
by clatzm11212 May 03, 2013
A more commonly female name given to girls that are beautiful inside and out. Chelsea's make great loyal and trustworthy friends. You don't choose a Chelsea she chooses you. As women Chelsea's are fantastic in bed, the best you will ever have. She is sexy and witty and her bedroom eyes are to die for. She is very passionate but she's also very sweet, but don't mistake her for a prude she is a complete vixen when it comes to sex. She's willing to give you a fantasy you only see in well you know ;) all in all Chelsea's are by far the sexiest women in the world and if you happen to catch a Chelsea's heart don't let her go or it will be a mistake you won't ever get over!
Chelsea is the sexiest woman you'll ever meet.
by trixie28 October 13, 2013
Chelsea is the greatest and smartest person ever. She is most definitely better than Christopher
Chelsea is the most right person you'll ever meet. : )
by Christopher9879 May 05, 2011
Chelsea's are very sexy and cute! Their fun to be around and if your a guy you should date her. They have big boobs and a nice ASS!!! Their kinda shy but they have a wild side.
hey dude, do you see that girl over thier?

dam, that has to be a Chelsea
by colby04 December 01, 2010

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