Leader of Grendle the troll
Chelsea has a troll fetish, posts pictures on instagram @grendlethettroll
by TrollsGoneWild November 15, 2013
You can't cage a Chelsea. She needs a wide area to roam. The zoo animals are safe because a Chelsea prefers to hunt wild woodland creatures and feast on their souls. A Chelsea can also be kept quite happy and allow you to live if you bring them offerings of Sushi.

This is a Chelsea and no Zoo has the facilities to house one.
Friend #1 “Oh dear. What meat did you come back with? I thought we told you last time, no hunting at the zoo.”

Friend #2 “I am going to check the news to make sure there are still prairie dogs at the zoo. If not, you're in so much trouble. I told you once, prairie dog jerky is no good!”

Chelsea “its not the prairie dogs you should be worried about *lick lips with hungry grin”
by Pogo Pogo June 06, 2011
Chelsea, the name of a mutt. She loves to eat beans that are green but only from a can. Chelsea is a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets. She is beautiful and can charm anything in sight. She is just so perfect from toe to head, but hard to get. She shines bright like a diamond, her hips don't lie, and she loves it when you call her big poppa.!
Ben: Chelsea I really like you and i wanna be more than friends
Chelsea: omg me too!
Ben: Really!? (with a big smile on his face)
Chelsea: Yea! lets be best friends.!
by Victor_Bacon November 09, 2013
to go off or go ham on another individual..when the need is not necessary
man that fool just went chelsea on that nigga
by S3KTR October 23, 2011
The most Amazing, silly, goofy, crazy, insane, understanding girl in the world. shes very loving and always is there for her friends. youd be the most lucky guy in the fucking universe if you had her!
Chelsea is so amazing!!
by youngblood481 October 14, 2011
A beautiful angelic women who is adored and loved by all.she can hate someone but not for long because she has a caring heart,people could spend days staring into her eyes.she is one of a kind never let out of your life person who loves to flirt and have fun she is the easiest friend to make and the hardest to lose she sometimes thinks nobody cares about her but in truth everyone does.if she gets sad she wont tell you (its a skill to read a Chelsea) but be there to help her.
C.charismatic H.heartfelt E.extraordinary L.laughing S.sexy E.exquisite A.adorable

I love CHELSEA!!

Chelsea is my best friend!

Chelsea was the life of the party

I cant wait to see Chelsea again

for my best friend Chelsea(Eve) I love you
by x0XNephilimX0x June 06, 2011
The equivalent of Satan, all these other definitions are full of shit. The Chelseas that come from Scotland are pure evil, Although at time she can seem nice they will always back stab you, spread rumors about you in skype calls, and call you a "fucking idiot" in robloxs
Ernest: Is Chelsea talking shit again about me?
Derrick: When is she not, i swear she is satan.
by drich1996 August 18, 2014

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