An outrageously &/ exotically attractive female. A girl whom you may make you tingle and look back twice. A girl whom you probably have wet dreams about. In other words, a goddess. noun.
Sarah D-u-0-n-g is a bombshell.
by BOMBSH3LL September 18, 2008
this term came from Rita Hayworth, the gorgeous, notorious movie star whose image was painted on the side of the first atomic bomb exploding at the Bikini Atoll in World War 2. (so she was a literal BOMBSHELL! :) This started the trend of calling stunning, sexy females bombshells- and the phrase is STILL commonly used today.
rita hayworth was the first woman to be called a 'bombshell'
by whydontpeopleseethis? July 26, 2011
A female with a killer body. Sexy ass, nice chest, long legs, etc. A very seductive or sexually attractive woman is often described as this.
Guy 1: DAMN. That chick is a bombshell.
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I would tap that!
by FoxyBabe June 01, 2010
A male or female with a sexy body and bedroom eyes.
Girl: Wow! Look at that guy! I want to make him my little blonde bombshell!
by Jenny bunny July 26, 2016
an amazing bra from victorias secret that incredibly increases your breats by 2 cup sizes. Comes in a variety of colors and is super padded. Guys don't know what it is, they only care that it increases your sexual attractiveness.

Downside: your bra always rides up and you can't wear low cut shirts or you small wannabe big breast fall out of you shirt!
James: did you see Barbara? He boobs are like twice as big as they were yesterday!
Tyler:AWESOME! Lets do her!
Julie: You guys are IDIOTS! It's obvious shes just wearing the bombshell!
James and Tyler:........?......?......
by minty_fresh:) June 07, 2010
an astonishing news story that is revealed without warning
in light of the bombshell, the school sent the students home.
by Light Joker December 01, 2006
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