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The most angelic, funny kid ever
Ernest is awesome.
by kdjdjeofpe October 20, 2008
Old English in origin: meaning sincere, genuine, kind with an ability to explode into rage if a loved one is threatened. 2: one who always pays the tab and treats his friends and loved ones. 3: the ability to have angelic properties such as healing the sick with ones saliva.
Dude, I went to pay the tab at Pat's Pub but he pulled an Ernest!
by ernichez February 02, 2010
Someone who may seem quiet and shy at first; but once you get to know them, they're just a totally
different (good different) and fun person to be around. He has great body physique and maintains
a healthy lifestyle. He is true to his words; serious when needed; very loving and very caring; cares more about the welfare of others than of his own; knows when he's wrong and apologize; and will always be the best friend and/or boyfriend you could ever want. He is also an excellent lover.
He bought me flowers out of no where today! What an Ernest!

Be like Ernest, and just apologize for what you did wrong!

My boyfriend is such an Ernest.
by juhnanapie May 12, 2013
Someone who is slick as chicken grease. He's known as the actual dark night. Likes tellin girls to "shut it up". One of the coolest cats you'll know. Has no problem bending a chick over. Ernest will get his. Bitches gonna learn today.
Why is the girl walking funny? She got ernest a minute ago
by Gabanoms October 02, 2014
A term used to describe the busiest of all people. Ernest can tackle anything from saving lives to raking leaves. He also possesses great musical abilities. Ernest has great hair and a killer smile. He is impeccably dressed and does laundry frequently. He will be kind and sweet when correcting your mistakes. People with the name Ernest have great taste in food and drink and will often be seen enjoying coffee and chocolate cake. Everyone loves an Ernest.
1. Don't ask Ernest, he has way too much to do.
2. I'm so busy, I feel like Ernest.
by crazyx1 November 15, 2013
a super sexy person who has a big penis at teen age and better than grisha
ernest better thwn grisha
by jerome ferome 123 May 14, 2015
Someone very funny and loves sports. Seems like someone you could love, but once you get to know them, hes just an ass.
Kim: "Man, I thought I could get somewhere with him, but after his attitude last night, I'm not so sure."

Pam: "Damn, he must be an Ernest!"

Kim: "Yep!"
by Nikki5556 July 25, 2010

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