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short for BITE MY ASS
where do you think you're going?
shut up and myob...
by Lanelle March 26, 2007
Best Mates Always, a term teenage girls use but half the time they don't really mean it.
yea Kel and me are BMA
by mellypie December 18, 2007
(n.) Black Male Adult

Acronym frequently used by law enforcement dispatchers and officers to indicate the involvement of an African American male over the age of 17.
Dispatch: "Officers in need of assistance at 4th and Main. Foot pursuit. One black male at large, aged 30 to 40, 6 foot 3."
Officer: "Alright we've got a BMA on the run, we're gonna join the chase here."
by Chrome91 February 10, 2012
Black man approved. Used when referring to a dime that's off tha charts fine.
1."Ayo, dat girl right thur, BMO yo, BMA."
2. "Someone stamp that ass BMA"
by MF Jones November 08, 2011
Stands for Busting My Ass. Normally used when talking to BMX people.
Your good at BMX? I'm good at BMA.
by Darkmykal April 02, 2009
abrievation for the phrase Bite My Ass
well, if you don't like it you can just BMA (Bite My Ass)
by HOLT69 April 19, 2008
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