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A Chelsea tends to be amazing. She has beautiful eyes and a perfect figure, with perfect hair. Not only is she striking in her looks but her personality is beautiful. she is funny, genuine, and loving. She would do anything for anyone else, and puts herself last. She enjoys being OUTSIDE of drama and is easily admirable. A Chelsea tends to be clumsy but cute.
*chelsea trips over nothing*
by dgt77 November 14, 2010
75 44
A girl who is hard to impress...but once you're on her good side, she's a giant softie! She's a girl who likes to be nice...but will get mean when it's time. She's a good friend, and always there to hold you when you cry!
Chelsea is so cool
by Alysstic June 21, 2010
87 56
Chelsea truely is a glorious sight to behold as well as a blessing to get to know or even speak to. Her smile as blinding as it is benevolent helps heal the wounds of old and has a contageous effect on anyones eyes who happen upon it. The effects of her intellect include, the power to wash away embitterment as well as alienating the testimony of old scars. Chelsea has a knack for reminding everyone to enjoy the little splendors life has to offer. Relinquishing the order that maturity imposes to spin and dance in the rain is one of her favorite past times. Should you cause her eyes to turn green you should be ashamed of yourself. For anyone fortunate enough to encounter Chelsea your life would be changed in one way or another for the positive. In other words "Awesome" would be putting Chelsea wayyy to light.
Person(s)- "Is that Chelsea spinning in the rain again?"

Me- "Yep, thats definately Chelsea."

Person(s)- "Is Chelsea okay?"

Me- "You telling me you can't see that bigass smile on Chelsea's face? You need to get your eyes checked bud."
by Dreamninja. February 11, 2010
100 70
An utterly captivating girl with big brown eyes and shiny, long dark hair. Chelsea's are quite loyal creatures and will do anything for anyone, yet they never expect repayment. When placed in a strange environment, they are somewhat shy and come off as intense. However, make a Chelsea comfortable and you will find that they are both bubbly and hilarious. They rarely realize their beauty and are often insecure.

Chelseas are also known for their intelligence, even though they say stupid things quite frequently. Chelseas usually dance or are involved in some kind of athletic activity because they have far too much energy. They are high achievers and are going far in life. Often, Chelseas worry too much and they have a lot of trouble hiding their emotions, everything they are feeling is written across their face. They make awesome girlfriends because they are so affectionate and have a definite wild side. They can often be guilty of unintentional seduction. You can usually find them cuddling in their spare time. They are basically the most lovable things on the planet.
Who's that beautifully intense girl sitting across the room?

I bet she's a Chelsea.
by anthony12923 September 24, 2011
49 22
A Chelsea is a pretty rad person, a great friend. She's normally pretty bubbly even if her life is tumbling downward. She is normally really tiny and cute. She always has brown or blonde hair... never red though. She loves music. She will laugh even when shes sad and she WILL not let anyone know. They love to cuddle and think sweet little things are awesome! She always thinks of others before herself! Even if she seems like a ditz at times she actually very smart. She probably has a low confidence. Which she won't mention it because shes humble. If you think you know a Chelsea... you probably don't. Chelseas are over all a wonderful creatures of God.
Maci: (crying) Why am i so ugly?
Chelsea: Sweetheart your amazing and beauitful!

Trent: Shes like hot! Whats her name?
Ryan: Chelsea! Shes like amazing!
by marie2441 August 03, 2010
85 59
the most amazing person ever.

straight out of compton. :]
girl - OMG. shes way too pretty for you, cuz her name is chelsea.

boy - yeah, well its worth a try.
by kalliii x yo August 15, 2008
32 17
The Most beautiful girl in the world, She'll always be there for you, she'll always care for you. No matter what you look like, she'll always be there for you. She's a very caring girl, she cares for everyone else she knows, and always prefer other over herself. Sh'es beautiful, she's kind, she's the best girl. No other girl is better than a Chelsea, she has a beautiful body, a beautiful smile. Most importantly, she has the eyes of an angel. Once you meet a Chelsea, you'll wish all other girls were like her. Chelsea's in short are the greatest girls in the world.
Chelsea is such a great girl, I never want to leave her.
by SnipeUdown212 August 01, 2011
34 20