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C.F.C, Commander Floppy Cock.

A nickname to call someone who has done nothing wrong but is generally dislike.

You should call this person commander floppy cock behind their back and CFC or "commander" when they are around.
"Hey, bro how are we going to get to the House of Blues tonight? We got no ride."

"Lets call CFC."

"Bush is a CFC."

"w'sup CFC"
by perverto November 28, 2006
chloroflorocarbons that destroy the ozone layer and create global warming
Hey kids! Big Bird says drink CFC's and smoke angel dust
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
Cfc means to cuddle then fuck then cuddle
Lisa "Hey tommy let's cfc"
Tommy "mkay sounds good to me"
by luna321 November 02, 2014
short for Common F*cking Courtesy

-when a person does not use common courtesy of the simplest thing.
-Written as a closing, as if initials.
-Boyfriend does not respond or reply to any texts or calls and finally responds the girlfriend might reply by text or other written/typed message with, "Just figured I'd let you know my phone is not working properly so that you don't worry if I don't reply back to you. C.F.C."
by Common Sense Stuff May 16, 2011
Stands for "Compulsive Facebook Checking."

A condition in which a person compulsively types in the web address for Facebook whenever sitting down at a computer or picking up a smartphone.
An addiction that can be very severe.
Karen has such a severe case of CFC that she checked Facebook from her mom's laptop, her laptop, her brother's laptop, and her smartphone in a span of 5 minutes.
by AnnabellaKay January 09, 2011
The Cock Fighting Crew, it is a group of people who fights cock on a professional basis, it started in South Africa and is now a world wide gambling thing. The cocks being referred to are in fact roosters. It is illegal to fight roosters in most countries and therefor they are underground, it is hard to join their ranks or get to bet on a match. Somehow they make money out of it. They also talk in their own language so nobody can understand them, when talking about roosters in public
CFC fo life ya'll

Hot girl: "Where were you last night?"
Guy: "Out fighting cocks with CFC"
Hot girl: "Wow, thats so manly"
by Flood 5 October 08, 2010
Crap From China

Generic term for non-essential toys, gadgets, ornaments, etc. made in China.
Dude 1: The environment is being flooded with CFCs.

Dude 2: Chlorofluorocarbons?

Dude 1: No, I mean all the Crap From China.
by Webdude February 25, 2013
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