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n - An active participant in league-centered mathematical competitions, such as ARML, NYSML, and state-run programs.

Etymololgy: from the English math and athlete, a composite word invented circa 1975 by J. Bryan Sullivan, president of the national math league and math league coach of Hudson, Massachusetts and the Western Massachusetts Region.
The State math competition is a sight to see. The very thought of so many mathletes in one room inspires awe.
by Peter Goldstein October 08, 2004
A group of mathematically exceptional students who compete against other schools usually in timed rounds and are often Asian. Many people make fun of them, but they're actually pretty cool, especially if their names are Kevin Gnapoor and Cady Heron. Many mathletes max out the math curricula at their respective schools and have to take math courses though PSEO (post secondary enrollment option), which is provided by many school districts at local colleges.
You can't join mathletes. It's social suicide!
by drgmark35 January 06, 2007
some of the coolest people in the world... not only are they smart... but they are extremely hilarious. they are also some of the most perverted people you could ever meet. It's like someone took the most perverted people in the school, put them together, and made them able to do math.
Mathletes do it on a desk
by ashley!!!;) April 18, 2006
An individual who excels in mathematics to the point where he or she could make mathematics into a sport.
Dayum, I was like Kobe up in Calculus, I come from a family of mathletes.
by art-i-choke July 21, 2010
The most hilarious group of people ever. There are always the dorks that ruin it for everyone, but my friends and I fall under the category of those that make it fun by making fun at those that hav ruined the title. I actually enjoy doing the stuff for it cause when we go on competitions.....what happens in the mathcounts car, stays in the mathcounts car.
Mathlete HOTT Dude....."My Lovely Lady Lumps"

The mathletes are rocking Wendy's during our lunch break.
by Leigh Cos. May 14, 2006
1. Somebody who participates, has participated, or is going to participate in a math competition of any sort.
2. Somebody who is a math enthusiast.
3. Somebody who excels in academic mathematics.
4. A person who studies the art of finding shortcuts (easier, simpler ways) to solving competition-math style of problems, who often also participates, has participated, or is going to participate in a math competition of any sort. Mathletes are also often math enthusiasts and/or excel in academic mathematics.
I have participated in both Mathcounts and AMCs; therefore, I am a mathlete.
by wwsalmon July 02, 2014
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