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Contrary to the uninformed beliefs of Gumba Gumba, is a game that was invented in the United States by a New Orleans sports teacher named Clara Baer. She had been learned of a new game called basketball which had been invented in Massachusetts in 1891 by Canadian immigrant James Naismith, and wrote to him asking about the rules.

Baer misunderstood certain aspects of the court lines that Naismith had included in a sketch enclosed in his response, and thus netball - originally known as women's indoor basketball - became a game quite distinct from Naismith's game. The first official game of netball was played in 1895.
Source: IFNA International Netball Weebsite.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon June 24, 2005
a game played by girls and guys from the ages of 6 right up to approx 40. it is a game of skill, talent and strenght.most people over look netball and say it has no skill and it a stupid but its got alot of skill involved. Netball originated in england and was first called basketball then years later it became netball. The best team in the world is the Australian netball Diamonds and the runners up are the New zealand silver ferns. netball must have 7 people each team and 2-3 subs on the side line the positions are c,wa,wd,ga,gd ,gk,gs
one netball court, one bal,l two goal post either end and two umpires.
by netball mad <3 November 04, 2011
Basketball with all the fun parts taking out

1. You have specific places
2. You can't dribble with the ball
3. No backboard to shoot

But it's still a really fun sport in some other ways. Mainly played by girls.
Netballer - Hey I just came back from my netball game
Basketballer - Oh cool, how was it?
Netballer - I stepped a few times and obstructed but it was good overall
Basketballer - ...What the fuck does that mean?
by Queen of Awesomeness April 18, 2015
The sudden feeling of having testicles while on the internet. This usually occurs when engaged in arguments and/or starting shit via internet posts, comments, etc.

Don't be fooled, these testicles only spawn while the host has hands attached to a keyboard, touch screen, or other typing device.

They quickly shrivel and disappear when encountered in real life.
Person 1: Hey! Look at what that kid just posted. Damn he's got some balls to say that.

Person 2: LOL no, he's just got some net balls.

Person 1: Ah, yes. He would never say that to that person.
by RealBalls4Life August 14, 2011
its when one have the balls to say something to u online (msn/ chat) , or tries to pick a fight with u online nd u knw for sure he would do anything in real life
person A : hey man . jack is netballing me when ever i go online on msn , he was like ill kick ur azz when i

see u .

person B : dont worry , hes jss netballing u , hes not goin to do shit

person A: really ?

peron B:yeah, his netballs is way bigger than his actual balls
by mruknwn June 22, 2009
The sport of manly men.
Wow, look at Bruce go - he's so good at netball, and such a stud.
by Rollo47 November 17, 2004
slang for smoking marijuana. also slang name for marijuana.
also for a serious "session" you can be come a "silver fern", which are in fact the world champions of the womens sport also known as netball. and the most serious level of netball is known as the world cup.
dave: hey tom, you keen to play netball?
tom: yea bro, for sure.

tom: yo dave, world cup on the stove tonight
dave: fucken aye boy!
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006
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