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The most amazing best friend in the world, will do anything for you. Always knows exactally what to say.
I love my best friend Chase.
by djp_9608 April 14, 2009
745 416
the sweetest guy EVER who will eventually be so awesome that u will be willing to get on your hands and knees for him, then when your are so aroused u screw him you find out he has a HUUUGGGEEE penis and then he dumps you and you spend the rest of your life stalking him.
omfg hes a TOTAL chase!
by chace macklle March 27, 2009
701 374
describes the best boyfriend ever! His girlfriend *cough* me *cough* loves him very much
He is such a chase! Awwwww!
by katsumewentz March 07, 2009
568 329
very sarcastic. The one who gets called out for talking when their not supposed to. Chases are quite fine, hot, sweet, and great for a laugh. very supportive. they are usually tall and blond.
Chase: I feel so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.
by favgirl! January 05, 2012
235 112
a guy who has an ok face but is so hott with his shirt off
Girl 1: omg Chase's shirt went up when he took his sweatshirt off
Girl 2: omg i wish i had been there
by xoxo a March 25, 2008
306 192
wen you drink, you need sumding to wash it down.
dam this henn is burnin my troat.
chase it down with a coke
by lil playa May 30, 2005
470 360
Simply perfection.
Truth telling girl: Chase is simply perfection.
by Sammiichu November 24, 2010
169 80