the sweetest guy EVER who will eventually be so awesome that u will be willing to get on your hands and knees for him, then when your are so aroused u screw him you find out he has a HUUUGGGEEE penis and then he dumps you and you spend the rest of your life stalking him.
omfg hes a TOTAL chase!
by chace macklle March 27, 2009
describes the best boyfriend ever! His girlfriend *cough* me *cough* loves him very much
He is such a chase! Awwwww!
by katsumewentz March 07, 2009
very sarcastic. The one who gets called out for talking when their not supposed to. Chases are quite fine, hot, sweet, and great for a laugh. very supportive. they are usually tall and blond.
Chase: I feel so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.
by favgirl! January 05, 2012
a guy who has an ok face but is so hott with his shirt off
Girl 1: omg Chase's shirt went up when he took his sweatshirt off
Girl 2: omg i wish i had been there
by xoxo a March 25, 2008
wen you drink, you need sumding to wash it down.
dam this henn is burnin my troat.
chase it down with a coke
by lil playa May 30, 2005
Simply perfection.
Truth telling girl: Chase is simply perfection.
by Sammiichu November 24, 2010
best person u will ever meet cute, funny as hell, fun, lovable, loyal frend, gives great hugs, nd is the love of my life .. he holds the key to my heart since december :D i love you chase!! bffl
hey did u hear about that girl ?
oh well shes dating chase
i wish i was her :/
by chaseluva69!:D January 22, 2011

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