A guy that's totally amazing. He's gorgeous, and he can make your day with one smile. He is fucking hilarious and hyper. Chase is a badass, he's the flawless type of guy. He can be mean, but he's usually just kidding or sticking up for his friends. Everyone loves him.
Girls, watch out. Its impossible to stop liking him.
Chase is the best, man. I wish i was him.
by Ipwnyouu May 06, 2011
The ultimate giver of the D, often times accused of giving too much of the D.
"Oh my god! That guy I hooked up with last night was a total Chase. I can barely walk today!"
by cmoney1188 February 03, 2010
you know, he's that guy
yo look it's chase
by that guy and that other guy to January 02, 2010
Basically one of the most bad ass mother fuckers you will ever meet in your entire life. Gets dome and bitches every day of the week. Has an extremely large dong. But be warned "Chase" is one strong ass mother fuckers and rips shit up every day.
Joe: "Hey look it's Chase lets go say hi"
Jim: "Fuck no, Chase rips shit up every day don't mess with that mother fucker."
by Taint Destroyer November 18, 2010
A guy that a girl is totally in love with but she cant go out with becuz his ex is her BESTFRIEND
Girl one: chase is so great.
Girl two: but remeber the situation with...
Girl one: i kno :(
by open taco 24/7 October 14, 2010
Very tall, very talented man with his tongue. Can be aggressive yet sweet so he can be a contradiction. Gets frequently asked by girls if they can climb him like a tree.
Girl 1: Omg who is that? He is so tall....
Girl 2: His name is Chase, and I know right? I wanna take a bite out of that...
Girl 3: Me too, Man I would climb him like a tree YUM!
by Hot cakes babe August 18, 2011
Chase is probably the most best guy you'll ever meet. He's kind, funny, very smart, handsome, respectful, and all around an amazing guy. He will steal a girls heart with just his smile. you cold stare at his eyes forever and get lost in them. His body is absolutely hot, which is probably why all the girls drool all over him. He is loved by many people and is a very special guy.
all the girls: Did you see Chase? I would die to be his girlfriend!
by huntinggal16 November 10, 2014

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