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a pimp that stacks mad cash and makes it rain on hoes while they make their booty clap. hes often clownin dime piece bitches, smokin some super chronic, and/or droppin mad loot on designer shit (minimum of $25,000). And he is most likely fuckin your mom and/or your sister. And ur baby mamma always tryin to tie him down, but she aint nothin but a piece of ass to him. but u cant ever see him cuz theres too much money in the way....
Stripper bitch: Did you see that boy throwin that money and smellin like straight hyrdo?

Stripper bitches stripper friend: ya they call that boy Chase, he be stuntin like a motha fucker
by weBEsteadyMOBBIN12345 February 04, 2010
181 93
best person u will ever meet cute, funny as hell, fun, lovable, loyal frend, gives great hugs, nd is the love of my life .. he holds the key to my heart since december :D i love you chase!! bffl
hey did u hear about that girl ?
oh well shes dating chase
i wish i was her :/
by chaseluva69!:D January 22, 2011
170 86
Chase is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. At first he doesn't seem like it, but when he opens up to you, you'll see the real him.
Chase is really sweet!

What?? No he's not!

Just wait, you'll see!
by htarakire September 08, 2010
147 69
An extremely attractive male, that will use his charms to pull you in, but really ends up "talking" to 6 other girls. So you get fucked over, but then you fall for him again.

Its kind of a cycle that most girls go through.
girl 1: whoa, whos that guy?
girl 2: its chase, dont even get involved
girl 3: yeah, i did. hes a dick
by kdjnvknv October 24, 2009
166 90
Is know as THE MAN
Jack: hey you know your brother chase hes the fucking man!!
by mllbpr December 27, 2009
127 55
A guy who is amazing. A great friend to anyone. You can talk to him about anything. He's hilarious and goofy, in a good way. He'll do pretty much anything for someone he cares about. He will stick up for you and won't let anyone be mean to you. He will even offer to be your man of honor and wear a dress in your wedding (:
See this guy Chase, yeah, he's one of my best friends.
by hds (: April 15, 2011
130 59
the most piming guy ever. every girl wants 2 lick his lolipop
kara:wow chase is sexy
karas bf::( am i
kara:not compared to chase ;)
by ITS CHAINS BABY March 26, 2009
120 60