The cutest and most sexiest guy ever. He looks at you and you melt. He is everything you want in a guy
Chase so cute and dazzling
by OneInAMillionBre June 12, 2015
Cool AF. He'll probably cheat on you so be careful around them. They tend to be Scorpions so dont be suprised if you see that he is a badass. Commiting is not their thing but just wait until that wake-up call and he may have a sudden urge to marry you. They're SUPER sexual but dpnt worry, they know how to make you laugh. THEY ARE HILARIOUS. YOU CANT DENY IT. AND THEY ARE SEXY AF. And in the long run they may even be sensitive. Good luck with a chase.
Pimp: "God damnit theres a Chase."
by Caleighjo September 07, 2015
to drink something less strong after an alcoholic drink
It can't hurt to chase your drink with a glass of water.
by The Return of Light Joker January 23, 2009
An extremely good-looking male who laxes and baggs often
"I saw a Chase out there!"
"OMG, how hot was he?"
by Epic baggage May 09, 2009
a person whom is straight but acts extremeley gay for his /her own amusement and to make their friends laugh.
That guy is such a chase. he has sex with girls but likes to dry hump guys for his own demented enjoyment.
by xxxtownbzy May 01, 2009
Usually a boy/man, that has hints of heterosexualnes, but often is mistaken for a homosexual.
Did you see that queer? He reminds me of chase
by Igetb1tches October 06, 2010
To try to go out with or pursue a younger girl such as a freshman or younger.
"How many freshman have you chased today?"
"Are you going to chase more?"
"Me and you should go chasing!"
by espio981 September 13, 2008
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