The most amazing best friend in the world, will do anything for you. Always knows exactally what to say.
I love my best friend Chase.
by djp_9608 April 14, 2009
A term for a terrible bowler who hates puns
God Chase, you need to learn to have some pun, hehe
by CoolerThanChase November 16, 2014
The guy that everyone says WOW when he walks by with all his hoes. And the girls say damn when they see his eleven inch dick. Has slept with all the hot women. Often summed up as the coolest guy on earth.
WOW, I wish I was CHASE, but no Im only a boring Zach.
by ZacharyG993 March 30, 2014
An extremely good-looking male who laxes and baggs often
"I saw a Chase out there!"
"OMG, how hot was he?"
by Epic baggage May 09, 2009
to drink something less strong after an alcoholic drink
It can't hurt to chase your drink with a glass of water.
by The Return of Light Joker January 23, 2009
Usually a boy/man, that has hints of heterosexualnes, but often is mistaken for a homosexual.
Did you see that queer? He reminds me of chase
by Igetb1tches October 06, 2010
a person whom is straight but acts extremeley gay for his /her own amusement and to make their friends laugh.
That guy is such a chase. he has sex with girls but likes to dry hump guys for his own demented enjoyment.
by xxxtownbzy May 01, 2009

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