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an impossiblity, something unattainable, something that cannot be reached..ever
if something were "perfect", then that would mean that they were differnt from everyone else, making them differnt, making them "imperfect"
by lost soul March 23, 2005
364 143
Liam Payne.
Liam Payne doesn't need an example because he is Liam Payne, and Liam Payne is perfection.
by hollaback girl July 30, 2012
355 205
beauty that is in the eye of the beholder.
someone can be to perfection to one person but not to another.
by nicolewishes July 24, 2006
276 126
You're perfection <3
by artisdead. October 26, 2011
153 37
To have nothing wrong at all. To be completely fantastic. Lacking flaws
The relationship that Dave and Caroline have is perfection
by clineeeee May 15, 2006
133 60
The perfect combination of character, beauty, intelligence, and love.
'Jem is the meaning of perfection in every sense of the word.'
by Rob Mc November 08, 2006
111 47
Cannot be defined by one person, perfection means something different to everyone.
Y; I think perfection is when someone has no flaws

X; I think perfection is when you love someone regardless
by BionicBecki September 01, 2009
81 32