in 1967 Gm/Chevrolet revealed a new type of sports car known as the Camaro as well as its High Performance model the Z28 and even higher performance model SS which was (the 1967 was the first Z28 Camaro with a raced prepped 302ci V8 and a specialty suspension system)
the Camaro was created to compete with fords mustang since 1967 the Z28 Camaro has always been faster than fords mustang gt Camaro is joined by its cousin car the Pontiac Trans Am/Firebird sadly as of 2002 gm disscontinued Camaro and Trans Am/Firebird but the Chevy Camaro will be back in 2008/09.
That Z28 just murdered that mustang gt!!!!!!
That Z28 just Raped that Ricer!!!!!
Z28 Basically a Corvette with the name Camaro!!!!!
by pussyeater99 December 19, 2007
Like I said before manbitch the car needs surgical repair interior and exterior wise. need some q-tips? buy some and while you're at it clean your clogged shitpipe asswipe. Beat ANY ricer shit U say? HA NOT likely. As for terms why dont U go look up what V-tech means "Mr.Enviromental Friendly". Or is it FUCKTARDDDDDD??????? *gasp* *chuckle* my friendddddd
1.hey fucktard camaro wanna race?!?!?!
2.fucktard : hell yeah "ricer"!!!!!
1.say HELLO to my big brother ACURA NSX shitbrain!!!!!!!!!
2.fucktard : *chokes on his dirtay emission smoke*
3.mercedes ripppsssss passss fucktard in 1.3 seconds flat
4.the end
by SGT.PLOW February 02, 2008
One of the hottest American sports cars ever made. The only people who don't like this car are either mustang or rice rocket owners, who are just bitter that Camaros kick their cars' ass, while they eat dust. camaros kick ass.
Mustang owner: (crying) that Camaro kicked my ass and now i have to give that cool Camaro driver the title to my car because i was an arrogant fool and thought my piece-o-crap mustang could beat her Camaro.
by Buffy June 12, 2003
The Firebird's sister car.
GM Muscle for the girls of America.
A car that although may be nearly identical to the Firebird, will never match it in its sleak looks or its speed.

The second best GM Muscle Car that made production until 2002.
"Man, you just smoked that Camaro!"
--"I know, I'm driving a Firebird."
"And the Mustang never left the line."
by The Vince December 02, 2003
Import car beater
" Hunger, eat your imported car. "
by DUDE April 16, 2003
bad ass car, attitude speed and style, and absolute legend. (also the thirdgen Trans Am allows you to live out Knight Rider fantasies)
i got spanked by a bad ass Camaro.
by Phil Harrison September 23, 2003
(n) a device used for taming horses.
Having suffered another embarrassment at the hands of a Camaro, the dejected Mustang driver headed home from the track.
by RLS_2000SS May 26, 2005

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