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Slang for "Nothing".
"So listen up 'cause ya can't say nuttin"
by Socko August 10, 2004
1) Not doing anything. Being a lazy ass.
2) Cumming
1) Cody was doing nuttin, just being a lazy ass bitch who later sat on a dildo, and it's still stuck up there.
2) I had a threesome with two of my male friends it ended with the nuttin on my face and ass.
by Cockgirl December 19, 2003
when a man is cummin
hey baby tell me when you gonna nut
wat are you doin im nuttin in this chicks mouth
by crab_killa_always February 21, 2008
= Nothing. Just funnier, especially in certain contexts.
Person: Hey there, whatcha doing?
Gay person: Oh, nuttin' (if you know what I mean...)
Person: I know what you mean; you mean you're not doing anything.
by Pigulim February 08, 2009
=Nothing. See nuttin.
I got nuttin' to fuckin' eat!
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
What squirrels do
Q: What's that squirrel doing?
A: Nuttin.
by U.N. Savory February 29, 2012
The coolest way to say "nothing."
Person 1: Hey! What's up?
Person 2: Nuttin.
by Brad-Y October 07, 2009

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