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A great car to get fucked in the ass in.

After the drag race, Joe-Bob could be seen in the back of his Camaro with his boyfriend tugging his mullet from behind.
by KerminSR September 03, 2006
An act similar to the dirty sanchez, where you give someone a mustache with cheeto grease. (the orange gunk you get on your fingers after eating a bag)

related to orangina
he looked lihe an irish Hitler when I gave him a Chester Cheeto
by KerminSR September 03, 2006
A sexual act which borrows its name from a popular citrus drink - involving inserting one's fingers into a partner's vagina after eating a bag of Cheetos.

Related to the Chester Cheeto
I didn't have a napkin, so I was forced to give her an Orangina. It tasted like a tuna melt.
by KerminSR September 03, 2006

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