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A person who turns your negativity and stigma into the oppositve. Very attractive, sexy, considerate, adorable, hopeless romantic (but you should be too so its ok) humble and a perfectionist. Rae's have good insight and will always tell you the truth about anything whether you like it or not you were realize it was good or you and that they're right. This person will always make you a better person and you cannot help but to love everything about them, even the imperfection, they are just that great. A homie, lover, friend 100%.
I got me a Rae y'all!

Are you jealous of my Rae?

Rae's make the world go 'round!

You ain't livin' until you love a Rae.
by Cruel101 January 15, 2011
"RAE" is a word describing a girl who is most likely a tomboy or the girl next door. A Rae has more guy friends than girl friends. Rae is equal to the name Gwen, like Gwen Stefani in her no doubt days. A rae is often dressed in tomboy clothes, involving both indie,retro and vintage looks.
"Man, look at that Rae"
"Yah, somtimes Raes' get me horny"
"yah, just like a Gwen"
"yes, like a gwen stefani in her no doubt era"
by tite5 February 17, 2008
An awesome girl very pretty likes funny stuff hates guys who annoy her mostly likes to be alone and likes technology :]
John : Rae is soooo damn HOOOT!!!
Michael : I AGREE!!! 100% i love her
by JMKASD January 07, 2010
An amazing girl who is very pretty yet sees herself as the total opposite. She is very smart and very very sexy! She is also great in bed. Rae is a hopeless romantic, always tells the truth and is faithful to the one she loves. If you get on the wrong side of her she's not afraid to fight back and put you in your place. This person will make you love everything about them even her imperfections. If you ever find a Rae, never let her go!
Boy 1: Rae is so sexy!, id like her in my bed.
Boy 2: She's everything you'd ever need, romantic, cute but still feisty and hot!
by The Guy Who Knows It all. May 27, 2012
Random Acts of Excitement. (short form). It is used in many cases, but primarily to state when somebody is having a crazy hyper fit, and an explanation is needed to explain it!
joe- what's up?
kate- weifbuueygbeugbyeugberg ahhhhh omg!!!
joe- what's wrong!!!
kate-sorry, r.a.e!
by heygirlhey1111 March 22, 2009
A Jamaican slang/exclamation basically used for anything

Can be drawn out to indicate more exclamation "Raeeeeee"
"Girl I got new shoes today"

"Rae !"
by Alexsuchi May 06, 2013
An adjective to describe someone that always knows how to put a smile on your face.
Hey, you so rae gurl~
by chewchew da asian June 28, 2014
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