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The perfect example of why not to open the door to strangers.
I almost wished they were serial rapists when I found out I had opened my door to 2 Jehovah's witnesses.
by s0x0r September 07, 2005
A country with the combination of communist political structure mixed with a capitalist economy.
It's fair to say that China is neither red(communist) or white(capitalist) but a combination of both; therefore pink.
by s0x0r August 09, 2005
Where hurricanes and tornados are born.
Have you ever seen coverage of a hurricane or tornado without a clip of a trailer park being ravaged?
by s0x0r September 07, 2005
A device or mode of transportation used while courting your sister, mother or any other immediate family member with a vagina. Usually has to be traded in for a shabby pickup truck once the young-uns start coming.
I knocked up my sister in my camaro.
by s0x0r September 03, 2005
To school someone. To kick someone's ass.
I just pwnd you 6 ways to sunday!
by s0x0r January 24, 2003
Coming from the word cellular, which is another name for cellular phone, and faux, French for false.
A method of avoidal using a cellular phone. This is done usually by sampling ring tones then acting like it's a call. All of this is done in the user's pocket if he/she is an expert. Otherwise, behind the back.
Sarah avoided the Jehovah's Witness solicitations on the street because she excecuted a perfect cellular faux, therefore saving a good chunk of time.
by s0x0r September 07, 2005
A useless exterior addition to a car which prevents it from going anywhere that has speed bumps or any sort of abnormaility on the road. Commonly found on rice burners.
You know a parking lot will be full of speed bumps, or the pavement is uneven when you see atleast a dozen rice burners parked on the road.
by s0x0r August 09, 2005

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