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Race ready moniker for Chevy's 2+2 Pony car.
That Z28 just smoked that mustang...
by That Z28 Guy January 15, 2004
Originally in 1967, it took a Camaro, added a race-prepped 302 V8, power brakes (complete w/ front discs), power steering, and numerous other things. No A/C or auto transmission was available. It was designed to qualify the Camaro for the SCCA Trans Am racing series.
The 4th Gen LS1 Z/28 comes with a 310hp 5.7l V8.
by Myajd jdg June 30, 2005
Secret code or term meaning the technique of sneaking beer into your room by lowering a bucket from your upstairs bedroom window to the ground below.
by Yam Tz November 15, 2010
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