The equivalent of Gay.

(Used from the title of the movie Brokeback Mountain, about two "Gay" guys."
"Dude, that movie was hella Brokeback."
by Charles Xavier March 04, 2006
meaning being gay. uncool. taking after the movie "Brokeback Mountain" Originated in San Diego
damn you see that fool? he's brokeback !
by darlene joanne June 30, 2006
When someone changes their sexual orientation from straight to gay suddenly. Originating from the film Brokeback Mountain about two straight men who leave to work on secluded Brokeback Mountain only to end up engaging in homosexual relations suddenly.
He/she went all brokeback on us when he/she left for college.
by Booyah Brown February 11, 2006
(1) questionable masculinity

(2) sissy if referring to a guy; see gay pansy

(3) what happens if u step on a crack
(1) "You see him wearing that purple vest...how brokeback.."

(2) "Get yo brokeback brotha away from me!"

(3) "Aww man, i done brokeback my mama.."
by skit_tlez March 29, 2006
adj) Something questioning the sexuality of a man. Used the same as homo. Connotates men who fuck other men. Orginated in the box office hit Brokeback Mountain popularized by the comic strip the Boondocks.
Person A: Yo son me and my homboys went skinny dipping yesterday.
Person B: yo that is straigh brokeback
by keepinitrealmac February 01, 2006
Gay....need i say more?
That Movie was so brokeback, it totally sucked!

He is so Brokeback!
by Neaves April 24, 2006
YiZhongLi which means the ultimate gayness in chinese.
You are such the brokeback yizhongli all the time.
by yeehaw cowboy April 04, 2006

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