(Gay-ish) (suspect) (hmmmm?)
too many men not enough girls at a party is brokeback
by Rango June 03, 2006
1.(adj.) In any likeness to the main characters of Brokeback Mountain
2.(noun) Term that was exhausted in one week and now should be banned from usage.
"Woo Nelly, don't go Brokeback on me"

"Wow, Rush Limbaugh totally just killed the Brokeback joke!"
by Johnnymo April 16, 2006
Brokeback is slang for gay, which is quickly becoming coloqueal strange, and or stupid. Can also be used in the literal sense of that which is homosexual.

Brie: So what did you think about Ultraviolet?

Garrison: It was a bit brokeback.



Brie: Whoa, look at that guy, he's straight flmaing!

Garrison: Yep, he's a brokeback.
by Garrison Bowers March 05, 2006
1. Meaning gay or homosexual (usally an insult)

The term comes from the movie "Brokeback Mountain", where the two main characters are homosexual.
"That guy is so brokeback."

"This assignment is brokeback, I'm not doing it."
by Kevin798 March 15, 2006
an act of gayness, being gay with another person,sexual contact with a human of the same sex or gender
Eric pulled a brokeback on Neil by humping him while wearing a kilt.
by Neil McGrane March 08, 2006
A word used to describe the act of unquestionable straight (not gay) masculinity (unlike the previous definitions, which describe an act of unquestionable homosexuality). This term was originally coined back in the day, perhaps over 100 years ago. It has since fallen from common use, until the 2005 movie "Brokeback Mountain". It used to be used to describe any male activity, or "guys night out", in a time where homosexuality was a strictly behind closed doors issue.
My husband and the guys are going brokeback bowling tonight.

I am going brokeback golfing with a few college buddies this weekend.

Do you want to go brokeback gay sexing? (OK, this one isn't legit :) ).
by frikk March 07, 2006
describes the gay-ness of a paritcular situation, event, movie, etc. especially effective when describing a traditionally masculine subject.
example 1
ed: did you see that movie "jarhead"?
fred: you mean "brokeback platoon"?

example 2
guido: i cant believe vito's gay!
carmine: what is this, the "brokeback famiglia"?
by ivanstratego April 28, 2006

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