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A fictionary presumably monetary delusion, demanded by lazy, whiny, African Americans who think the world is out to get them. African Americans however fail to realize that white people need reparations due to their inferior athletic and dancing skills, and their smaller penises.
African American-"Hey cracka, gimme some reparations."
White Guy-"Why?"
African American-"Because I'm too lazy to earn money myself."
#reparations #cracka #nigga #penis #dancing
by Spielas April 03, 2007
The highest level of gay, pertaining to an insatiable urge to insert your penis into another man's rectal cavity. Originated with two gay cowboys who shit on the face of American cinema when they took eachother's virginity by dominating their poop-chutes.
"Dude, that party was brokeback. Let's go do a circle jerk." -Abe Lincoln
#brokeback #gay #fag #anal #twinkle toes #sunshine boys
by Spielas April 03, 2007
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