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"Fucked", the watered down way. Used by people afraid to cuss, usually.
"Dude... that's effed up..."
by Doa October 29, 2003
69 14
Nice way of saying: FUCKED.

I Effed You - IFY.
I Effed You - IFY.
by BJ696969 April 18, 2009
26 6

effed = " F "
what a fucked(effed " f ") up day!
by Burn08 September 07, 2009
8 1
Can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, much like it's vulgar equivalent - Fuck.

Effed can be used to describe a state of complete and uttter mental anniahlation after consuming more the recommended dose of narcotics, legal or otherwise. As a result. this may lead to a domino effect of effed situations.
Man that pill was effed! Like seiously are you as effed as I am right now. That's effed up! Hey anyone seen Aaron? He left the apartment all effed but left his keys and phone behind. He's Effed...he'll be fine.
by Sketchy Scanner November 09, 2008
8 3
Used to describe less-than-amusing situations in a more palatable fashion.. like if you had to say it to a purdy girl and you don't wanna cuss in front of her ('cause thats what mean people do) - duh
"Dude, im like so effed.. I let kitty out of the house again, and my mom's gonna be crazy mad at me - cause kitty's mad sniffable and all the dawgs are gonna chase it"
by Joe January 27, 2004
8 12
I am Effed, except no imitation.
Effed beyond recognition.
by Effed November 07, 2003
4 23