A name for a person who is gay and can never get pussy!!!!
Nick Brokeback will never have a girlfriend!!!
by Your Brother and Sister April 16, 2007
1. (adj) to engage in sexual intercorse without a condom, or out the anus,

str8 slang"awww yeah man, i hit that girl straight up brokeback!"

gay slang "soo...baby, wanna try brokeback?
by Subushie M October 25, 2006
1. v. to penetrate/molest another in a homosexual fashion, referring to Heath Ledger's actions onto Jake Gyllenhaal in the winter's smash hit: Brokeback Mountain

2. adj. gay/homosexual/queer/faggy
"Dana, that was some fucking hot brokebacking we did last night." -Sarah

"Dude, get off my dick. I don't go for that brokeback shit."
by Puking Kitten January 06, 2006
1. The first word in a movie staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger as gay cowboys.

2. Used in front of a name to insinuate (jokingly) someone is gay

1. Did you see that movie, Brokeback?

2. Check it out, it's Brokeback Teddy
by a l i 3 [n] February 23, 2006
What happens when gay men go a little over the top in trying to act butch.
Twelve flamboyant hairdressers decided to spend the day at the ballpark. So they traded in thier Versace Jeans and Kenneth Cole shirts for a pair of Levi's and smelly old t-shirts. When they got to the ballgame they started getting drunk and wilding it up. They were hollerin', drinkin', hi-fiven', fartin', and spittin' tobacco. Then they started making crude remarks about the players, how they looked in their uniforms, and what they do if they had one night alone in a hot tub with #32, #7, and #41, respectively. Afterwards they went out into the street, tore down signs, started throwing beer bottles and bustin' the chops of fans from the other team. When the cops came to bust up the fight, they started brawling with them too. So the twelve hairdressers ended up spending the night in lockup. The next they woke up sore with terrible hangovers and scheduled court appearances. Their original plan to get facials, shop for thongs, Waterhouse crystal goblets, and Judy Garland CD's, but the instead opted for a good brokeback cause--a day at the ballpark.
by Gene Allen June 08, 2006
Verb. The participation of males in any form of homosexuality, particularly when said male is not a homosexual.
That Ryan Gosling is my man crush. I'm not gay or anything but I'd brokeback him.
by slobbbo March 06, 2006
1. Another way of saying that something is "gay" (not neccessarily dissing homosexuals) or "messed up"; effed, funked, crapped, or whatever else a person would use to express that something that is negative in nature.

2. A way to express that something or someone is gay.

Both definitions date back to 2005 referring to the movie about two homosexual men, "Brokeback Mountain".
1. "Bob was in a hit-and-run! Dude, it was totally brokeback."

2. "Man purses are brokeback."
by potato-sensei February 03, 2006
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