v. to scale a relatively low section of exposed rock or a boulder, putting forth a short, concentrated effort towards reaching the top of that rock.
climber: hey man, wanna go lead some sick shit?
boulderer: no man, i'd rather boulder.
by adrian June 11, 2003
Crack Cocaine; $20 worth of crack
by Lehem October 18, 2003
A 30 of Keystone/ keystone light/ or keystone ice
Im gunna go to the liqour store to pick up a boulder. We are gunna be breaking stones off that all night.
by 11sixteen March 15, 2009
Slang for crack cocaine.
"How much does that boulder cost?"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 20, 2007
this town just north west of Denver in CO. the town has CU and two high schools Boulder High and Fairview High. CU and Boulder High are the places to find cool peeps and a shit load of pot, Fairview is the only place town to find 14 year old kids who are on crack
Boulder Kid: dude you want a hit of this shit (cough cough) he he he
Fairview Kid: oh fuck gota get my fix gota get my fix. . . oh its cold. . . FUCK I'm burning up
CU dude: hay man you just gota chill and take life as it comes man, yah. . . dude can i have a hit
Boulder Kid: yah man, peace. . . peace
by jew bot 500.3 May 27, 2005
A large, high quality crack rock.
This nigga right here has the biggest boulders, motherfucker, Motherfucker, these motherfuckin rocks fat!
by silverfucked July 07, 2003
a hot sexy girl's boobs
Kaly calling the hot sexy girl a boulder, during gym class...thinking it was an insult.
by Celina fufferson January 05, 2009

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