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Someone who will do whatever it takes to reach what they consider to be the "top" of the social scale, often disregarding other friends to make new friends. However, when the new friends disappoint and they go back to the old friends they find that they are left with no friends.
Person 1: Wasn't Jenn supposed to hang out with you today?
Person 2: Yeah, but she went to go hang out with Jeff and his friends.
Person 1: She just flaked on your plans?
Person 2: Yeah. Since meeting Jeff, she got to meet Scott, Bob, and Angie's group.
Person 1: What a climber.
Person 2: Word. That bitch needs to check herself.
by MKdizzzle November 04, 2009
A person who participates in the sport of Rock Climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, bouldering or tree climbing.
These people are nearly always friendly, care for the environment and may exhibit certain traits such as being thrifty (not eating to afford gear), homeless (living in a tent at the base of a cliff for months). Not to be confused with gym rats, people who only climb in gyms.
Skippy (To his Mom):"Whoa, look mommy, that person is on that cliff!"
Mom:"Thats not a person Skippy, thats a climber."
Skippy:"wow. when I grow up, I wanna be a climber too!"
Mom:"You can't, its too dangerous
Skippy:"But I am dangerous..."
Mom:"No your not, your just obsessed with Jazz."
by SWCB September 20, 2006
A widow or widower that is so upset about the death of the spouse that they attempt to climb into the coffin with the body.
"Keep an eye on the widow, she looks like a climber"
by PhlebSue March 30, 2006
A short person that likes to date tall people.
"I like tall ladies taller than me because I have a great view of their rack."

"Oh, you're such a climber."
by Green Girl Giant August 20, 2012
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