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To continuously stare at someone, giving an impression of disliking.
That girl is grilling at us, let's grill her back.
by msyu February 08, 2004
The act of intensely displaying severe symptoms of Asperger's disease
Jen: Ben shut the fuck up!
Ben: Jen do you eat your mom's pussy with that mouth?
Crowd: Ben you're grilling.
by Benny Burgers January 21, 2013
To interrogate someone.
"My ma was totally grilling me this morning. She found my smokes."
"Shiiiit man!"
by Frantelle Water March 16, 2010
the act of looking at an object very intensly
Bob was grilling the cheese puff.
by Beatrice Andagnes January 14, 2006
The best damn way to cook hot dogs!
John was on the back porch, grilling some meat, including hot dogs and hamburgers.
by MetalHead16 October 20, 2010
sliding your dick across the pussy
thax for grilling on me last night
by That Guy 8008135 June 29, 2014
An extremely strong, alcoholic drink.
Dude, that whiskey sour is grilling
by way2anon4this September 05, 2011
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