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to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority figure.
The cops saw us skipping school so we all got roped up.
by Brett August 29, 2003
the act of getting caught by the police of feds, usually having to do with drug dealing or robbing.
yoo i herd john boy got roped!
yeah that boy stayed dealing yay
by yungd561 November 09, 2013
the highest burn anyone can recieve or can be delt out
Pete: this is a song about jims trucker hat....that doesnt exizt
Liam: shit u just got roped
Jim: thats not even funny
by Pete September 20, 2004
a verb meaning either RAPED or killed terribly by another team or opponent
Man, did you see those newbies in Halo get killed by those Halo professionals.
-Yeah, They got ROPED.
by David Stwarka September 25, 2005
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