A small town which tries to copy Laramie, but fails miserably.
I got my rejection letter from Laramie yesterday. I chain smoked half the night in frustration. I guess I will just go down to Boulder. What other choice do I have?
by Laramie Louise November 20, 2009
home to a bunch of retarded new-age hippies who call themselves liberal but don't spend any money on education and drink a lot of beer. also home to many college kids who smoke pot in circles on campus grounds. In the summer people from Denver drive there to get drunk and go tubing in the freezing creek. Boulder Highschool has a rock climbing wall in its' gym.
Instead of hiking at the cabin, we went tubing in Boulder Creek and walked Pearl Street where we aquired free samples of Haagen Daz and tried on tie-dye socks.
by lilyfart December 13, 2006
The "cereal bowl" of Colorado, because it has all the FRUITS, the FLAKES, and the NUTS.
You're going down to Boulder this weekend? Bad idea.
by jlv April 07, 2004
Boulder is a city in Colorado that houses Colorado University. It is a new age, hippy-modern Subaru loving piece of shit town, but besides Denver it is the only place in the state worth going.
Hey, let's go up to the hill and get a bag!

Okay.. That's the only thing to do in Boulder anyways.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
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