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Crack; illegal drugs
I bought a boulder for 50 bucks.
by JEnneigh March 18, 2005
30 16
Referring to the campus of The University of Colorado Boulder or CU Boulder, this term is synonymous with lots of partying, beautiful scenery, and overall a good time.
It's a fun and quirky college town consisting of yuppie hippies, award winning bakeries, and crazy college kids.

April 20th is an excellent day to spend on this campus.
Me and my buddies are hitting up Boulder this weekend, wanna come with?
by Colorado Spirit January 29, 2012
26 16
a very large pair of breasts that look like boulders
Man ... Look at those boulders in that t-shirt
by clown1201 February 15, 2010
8 2
Boulders are another term for small pieces of cannibis resin (often known as Soap Bar or Rocky) that fall out of the end of your joint. Another term for boulders is Hot Rocks
Oh no, shit man, you've got boulders in your t-shirt!
by //_jemma_// August 28, 2005
21 15
1. A massive, inanimate object prone to rolling things over.
2. A robust person that is prone to breaking things at unexpected times.
1. Wow, that boulder really crushed you...
2. Person 1: Hey, did you hear that (Person 3) destroyed your laptop?

Person 2: He did!? What a boulder!
by 12DimSum21 May 28, 2010
21 16
1. a large rock.
2. A town in Colorado, where the band 3oh!3 is from.
You's a punk bitch if you don't know about Boulder.
by gjsurjhn July 13, 2011
11 7
Boulder is the coolest place in USA where i live
Hey where do you live? i live in New York

I live in Boulder man

awwww!!! dang!! i wanna live there
by Boulder kid May 25, 2009
53 49